Thursday, March 31, 2005

Me Talking About Politics

Now what the heck am I gonna do with 2Gbs of email capacity ?

I know it says 1Gb only. I will have two gigs because I also have a Gmail account. If I wanted to be kiasu I could go for THREE Gbs of mail by signing up with Torrent Reactor.

Maybe I should, just for the hell of having that much space to mess around with. Maybe I can use the Torrent Reactor account to sign up for more, errr....."exotic" websites eherm.

Ok moving on.

At work now. A quiet night so far. Got one hard disk to do diagnostics on. Should be routine.

I had wanted to write something about more stupid things our politicians said during Parliament sittings. Just read today's NST and Star. I can't be bothered find the links now.

One thing I can say though. Conservatism is dangerous. On the outside, it looks morally superior to more leftist, liberal ways of thinking.

But there's a sinister side. Conservatism if left unchallenged, will breed repression and narrow mindedness. Allow it to run it's course, conservatism will become radicalism and woe betide those who are "deviant" and don't follow the "official line".

Happily, in this country there are enough open minded people who make a huge fuss everytime any out-of-touch politician makes an idiotic statement (LRT add anyone ?) or try to get some dangerous repressive law passed (snoop squads, morality policing).

I hope they will be enough sensible people around who make noise because there's sure is enough conservatives out there who try to ban and censor and control and repress ostensibly "for our own good".

You know what all that implies to me ? It implies that we Malaysians can't be trusted to use good judgement. It implies that we Malaysians are weak minded and are susceptible to malicious external "influences" It implies that Malaysians need 24hr supervision and need to be protected lest we stray.

Sure some of use will stray and do "bad" things. But which nation on earth is free from people like that ? Do you see any county's people living in Utopian bliss where everyone is "equal" and morally "upstanding" ? Morons are morons and criminals are criminals wherever they are. No amount of "control" will change that.

I get pissed off when some asshole MP opens his/her big mouth and starts talking about taking liberties from people. It's insulting. I take it personally.

Thought control and government control. There's a system of government that uses that as a primary tool.

Communism. Is this what conservatives want ?


EDIT: That was depressing wasn't it ? I don't like to talk about current issues because there are enough blogs and news websites that do.

Also, it pisses me off.

But sometimes, I feel compelled to say something. Like right now.

Personally, I'd rather write about stuff like pets, music, computer games, pretty girls, moronic internet users etc.

It's more fun. Especially the girls....

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