Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Public Service Announcement

My Internet connection is unusually slow right now.

I added new blogs to the roll. Go and visit KennySia and A Little Taste of Obscurity. Funny. Good.

And talking about adding new links, it took the longest time to save the changes to the template code and get it published. This blog is getting too big. Or maybe I'm being extremely impatient right now.

I drank a little too much Coke just now. I don't normally drink Coke. Or coffee for that matter. I fact I drink alcoholic beverages more often. But it's nice sometimes.

Which reminds me:-

Got one of those annoying headaches that only affect a small part of your head. Headache lasting the whole fricking day ? Try this.

Ye Olde Near Instant Headache Remedy

You need:-

One can of Coke/Pepsi/any carbonated, caffeinated beverage (preferably ice cold)
Paracetamol or other general pain killer* (Panadol, Uphamol 650 or for more bang, Ponstan)
*Do NOT use aspirin. May cause unknown side affects.

Take normal number of tablets (slightly more for experienced users) and throw into the back of throat. Swallow.

Down big gulp of Coke/Pepsi/carbonated caffeinated beverage.

Sit or lie down in a preferably dark, cool place. Wait 15-20 minutes.

Headache goes *poof*

WARNING: Some users may experience slight lightheadedness and other minor physical side effects. Avoid handling or operating vehicles, heavy machinery, weapons or explosives.

Side effects usually dissipate within two hours.

DISCLAIMER: Try at your own risk. I will not be responsible for any other side effects not noted in this post.

I learnt this method from a college mate and bloody hell it works.

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