Thursday, March 17, 2005

Your Typical Journal Entry

I'm still quite bored and uninspired. With no obvious distress and no burning question to discuss, this is going to be another typical "Dear Diary" type journal entry.

I am bored enough this evening to fiddle with my oft neglected Friendster account. I admit, I have a prejudiced view of Friendster. I have this impression that only annoying giggly teenagers use it.

Hey, I never said I was a saint ok. I can have my biases if I want to, no matter how lame it is.

Anyway, Friendster. I've been messing around with it and doing some blind searches and I managed to find some people I know who I haven't met in forever. I actually sent them some requests. I have to admit despite it's rep, Friendster does have its graces. It's not entirely useless.

Besides fiddling with Friendster, I went to Torrentspy and did a search on my brother's recommendation. I went looking for and found music by Carcass. Now, Carcass is a grindcore outfit. What is "grindcore" ? It's a subgenre of thrash metal, only much faster, more percussive and more brutal, faster than even speed metal. I like. For those who didn't know, I listen to "Devil music" and like it too.

I'm downloading about 600Mbs of their older material, which is extremely rare and no longer available in this country . It should be a great addition to my old skool grindcore collection alongside Napalm Death and Terrorizer. Long live grindcore !!

And while we're on the subject of music, I highly recommend Lifehouse's self titled new album. Very sweet. I like how Lifehouse can be melancholic without being over indulgent. The material in this new album is a definite improvement. I highly recommend it to anyone who can appreciate slow to midtempo alternative sounds.

In another piece of good news, a very good friend of mine quit his boring government job and is going to open a restaurant. He was here just now to discuss advertising his new place at my brother's radio station. We also talked about things like the wine list (yay !) and ambient music. Great news, he promised to not play any hip-hop, rap or feng tau (rave) music. It's going to be trip hop and alt all the way. You see in Kuching, if you own a hang out place it's easy to stand out. Just don't play techno.

You know, one of those things I can't understand is why people play techno music loudly in otherwise nice places. I've heard loud, inapproriate techno in places like Bing ! and Memories cafe. It just kills the atmosphere. For that matter, I don't understand Kuchingites fascination with feng tau and techno. Just sit by a traffic light and listen to waht people are playing in their cars. What's up with that ?

Alright, I understand and accept that some people enjoy it but to expect everyone to enjoy it is just asking for too much. Especially from me. I mean, what the hell happened to variety ?

Oops, I may have digressed there a bit.

Whatever the choice of background music, I will bring all my friends there once it opens on the 13th of May (which is a Friday apparently). Hopefully, it'll be cool. Heck, with my bunch of friends, we'll MAKE it cool. We can have bloggers' meetups there !

I like the idea that some of my friends are doing business like this. It's great. They can count on my support that's for sure.

Ok then, excuse me while I listen to Lifehouse and play Vampire the Masquerade. Have a good evening.

Listening to Blind Lifehouse Lifehouse

Edit: Oh dear, that Lifehouse album isn't supposed to come out until the 22nd of this month. Wow...

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