Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Good Advice

It's been a whirlwind few days. In a good way.

And today, I did some mundane things like doing my car insurance. Next week, I will be broke. Today, I'm going to sit at home and chill out the rest of the night. I'm tired. Also in a good way.

Another thing. I'm out of ideas again. I've been very talkative the last few days. So what to say today ?

Gee, my head is empty. I guess I'm all talked out. I never thought that this could happen. Imagine me speechless.

Today, I got speechless more than once.

There was a cry for help today. I hope what I said did help. That's the problem with helping sometimes. There is always a worry in the back of my head, that maybe some things that we say that might ring hollow and make things worse.

I should know how that feels like. There were times that I needed help and all I hear is the hollow ringing of empty promises and false hopes. It doesn't make it better.

The best way to help is to listen and not judge. Sometimes, that's good enough.

A friend of mine, she gave me some really good advice. No, she didn't say that things will get better and that everything will be okay. She doesn't know that, so she doesn't say that.

She simply said, never feel bad about asking for help when you need it. Never apologize or worry about what you have to do to help yourself.

That's some pretty good advice.

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