Friday, April 01, 2005

April Mix

Yes, that was what I had for dinner. Good... And tonight's post is quite light weight and angst free. So, enjoy.

My blogroll is getting very, very long. It's taking a lot of time for me to read through the whole roll. It's a good thing I'm a compulsive blog reader...

It's about to get bigger. I found at least half a dozen blogs which I want to track. Most of them are by women.

I like women, I find them fascinating and if reading their blogs will help me understand them then good for me. I think. Right ? On that note, mid last year I tried to get many of my non-internet using male friends interested in blogging and the internet as an information gathering tool in general.

No joy. They still continue with their pointless arguments about automative matters which can be easily settled by visiting a website.

Apparently, lots of people don't realize that there's more to the Net than chatrooms, dissident political forums and porn. It's sad.

I wish more guys would blog. Especially your so-called typical local guys (if there ever is such a thing) who were born, raised and still living here.

It's April ! So, who's the fool today ? Anyone out there got pranked today ? This is one of those nice things about working my job. I'm a lone wolf, especially at night. So no worries about colleagues pulling such stunts as putting thumb tacks on my chair and formating my hard disk and changing my Buffy wallpaper to one with Britney Spears on it or things like that.

Why do people pull these stunts on April 1st ? Check out the extremely interesting Factmonster to learn why. (Link courtesy of Nikki). I love trivia websites like that. I'll put up more as I find (or remember) them.

Has anyone ever wondered why apparently useless facts are so fascinating ? I know I have.

April also means that the first quarter of the year is gone. How fast is that eh ? It also means the weather should start changing. I expect it to get sunnier now. Of course, if you live in Kuching you can't really tell because here there's only a few major types of weather: it's either raining, going to rain or not raining.

Weatherwise it's boring here.

In other news, one of my favourite bloggers is celebrating her Blogday right around now. Now, what is a Blogday ? Why it's the day you started blogging of course. Mine's somewhere at the end of January, 29th I think.

Let's see how fast Hallmark catches on that.

One last thing, I just love "Why I Blog" posts. That's the beauty of blogging. Every blogger started for any number of reasons. I find that most interesting.

Ok then. Back to work.

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