Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Equality and Empowerment

Currently, there is a movement going on empowering women to use ICT against violence. This is great. I'm all for it. Crimes of the violent nature are on the up and often the victims are women.

I've also read some blog posts and articles about feminism recently. A hot topic as always with many, many arguments.

Feminist activism's been around for ages but there are so many people who don't really know what it's about or even worse, feel threatened by it. And it's not just men who feel threatened by it.

From my observation, many times a woman's worst enemy is not a man. It is in fact other women. I remember when I was in college, some of my more emancipated girl friends and classmates complaint about their more conservative compatriots looking at them funny and telling them that they are not being "proper" or "ladylike".

I read arguments that men are to blame for this state of affairs. I'm not going to get into that today, too many different arguments involved here. All I can say is that I strongly disagree with this statement.

Yes, we do live in a male dominated society and yes there is more than can be done for equality. No, it's not always the fault of men. Rather, it's the fault of conservatism. Also, I believe that any man (and woman for that matter) who feel threatened by any kind of equality or empowerment movement feel that way because they are not able to see women as equal. People who feel like this usually don't have any close contact to people from the opposite sex.

This kind of separation doesn't help with understanding and empathy between men and women. I've said this before, I believe.

This is one reason why I don't quite agree with boys only or girls only hang out sessions for example. I think it's kind of sexist and divisive, if it's just for the sake of differentiating using gender. If one wants to hang out with one's friends because of shared interest and all those friends happen to be all men/women, then no problem there. If it's just because there are men/women, I think a rethink is in order there.

Why does one separate using gender? Is it justified? My personal opinion is no.

A common point to this question is the common,"There are things that guys/girls won't understand". Fair enough. But if we don't share thoughts with people of the opposite sex then how are men and women ever going to understand one another?

I don't agree with this exclusive knowledge for men only/women only thing. It doesn't help.

I think men and women need to share their issues with each other more or else true equality will never happen. In regard to violence against women, the issue is more of a societal one rather than a gender issue. It affects everyone, women and men both.

I must go soon, but there is one last thing I want to say after reading quite a lot of blame-throwing and mudslinging between some feminists and their detractors.

It's easy to appeared "empowered" by being bellicose and confrontational, but being confrontational isn't empowerment. It isn't the same thing.

Have a nice day!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanks for Coming Over

It's always a nice feeling when I check my hit counter and see that despite this blog's loss of "quality" so to speak, the number of people who visit is always consistent. Sometimes I feel bad for people who visit.

It's always very gratifying to check the counter and notice that there are still people who search for "Riding the Mellow" or "macdyne". Even during weeks when I don't really update.

I would like to say thanks for all the support and thanks for dropping by. I do hope that while this blog is mainly for my own use, other people might find it useful too.

I've noticed something kind of odd lately. I'm not as enthuasistic about meeting new people as I used to. It used to be quite interesting to meet new people. These days to be honest, I couldn't really be bothered. When I do meet new people (in the office for example), I don't say very much at all.

I know that's not the best attitude to have. The question is, why? Why does it suddenly feel like it's too much effort? And the most important question of all, how do I regain the motivation and enthusiasm for new social contact? Or for anything else that's new for that matter.

I hope I'm not slowly turning into some kind of scrooge. That would be kind of sad.

Well, it's coming to the end of the year now. As usual, I'm inclined to ask where did all that time go? And as usual, I feel very, very lazy. I have no motivation to work whatsoever.


I've finally managed to get the full 2 DVD version of Medieval 2 Total War. Now I get all the videos and other bells and whistles and the game seems to work a little better. I do have to say that the AI is still a bit lacking. Not cunning and/or aggressive enough for my taste. The rest of game however is simply breathtaking. The battles especially. I especially like the so call "bloom" effect. It makes the graphics less sharp and everything looks more warm and fuzzy.

I await the patch which will take care of some minor issues and make the game better.

I'm also waiting for the Neverwinter Nights 2 patch. According for my brother who's been playing it, the game has a potentially deadly bug whereby you cannot finish some quests. Such a shame for such an otherwise excellent game.

I'm also waiting for the FM patch which will help fix some minor but annoying bugs.

It seems that these days, software is so sophisticated it's impossible to get everything right at the first try. Even games.

In other news, my house is still kind of under construction. Which means that there is so much noise during the day that it's impossible to get any kind of peace and quiet. I hope they finish quickly.

So far that's the only noteworthy thing that's been happening.

I hope to have a quiet week. Nay, a quiet month!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Evlyone's a Ritter bit Lacist

What I want to write about right now would sound like this if I was more eloquent.

Najib, the UMNO Deputy President said that future general assemblies might not be featured on live TV anymore. This reaction was apparently caused by the amount of ruckus caused by the racist vitriol spewed forth by some of their apparently "inexperienced" delegates.

That's their solution to people's justified concerns about the things that UMNO people talk about. They could've promised to just stop being racist but no, we'll be racist indoors and hide it from the public. Party leaders could've given those "inexperienced" delegates a bollocking for being racist. But no.

Sure sure at the end of the day the PM said one or two things about the need for unity and such things. But will anything real be done to change the mindset of racist Malaysians? Talk is cheap after all. Even from Pak Lah unfortunately.

I often read that people who speak like racial chauvinists are "playing to the gallery". I want to know who are these people who are in this "gallery" who NEED to hear racist bullshit to feel good about themselves.

I guess it's just too hard NOT to be racist. Especially for some UMNO people. I sometimes feel that party leaders won't crack down on this kind of behaviour because there are afraid that their more radical supporters might accuse them of not defending "the Malay cause" as it were. And losing support is bad, very bad. Much worse than being racist.

There you go ladies and gents, the screwed up priorities of local politicians.

Many other political parties in this country are exactly the same. Including the opposition. So no, I'm not a supporter to any of political party. None. I know sometimes from what I write, people may feel that I'm a left leaning, socialist type DAP supporter perhaps.

Nope. DAP does and say stupid shit too. DAP people also do that whole political doublespeak thing. Also I hate how they like to argue and debate just because they can and how sometimes they blow tiny little things that don't matter out of proportion. It's all about vote fishing, not service.

Ok, now I sound a little like an anarchist. Perhaps I am, sort of. At least I'm not racist.

Or am I?

Actually, I believe all of us have some sort of biased, somewhat racist tendencies to varying degrees.

We pick it up as kids. Sometimes we hear our older relatives saying things like,"Don't hang out with those people. They are [insert race here] and they are [insert racial stereotype here]" or things like "Of course they act like that. They are [insert race here] and they're always [insert racial stereotype here]".

Then we go to school, get jobs and live in the real world. Some people can never get past what they've picked up, always seeing other people with suspicion and prejudice which is really sad and probably means that the person isn't very good in the IQ to begin with. Some others begin to see that those things that we've heard aren't all that true. We end up being friends of "those people" and find out that lo and behold, we like the same things and have similar problems.

When I took my current job, I remember at least 2 people who warned me that I would suffer and not prosper. They warned me that since I'm my "kind" and they are their "kind" they wouldn't take kindly to me and will make things hard for me. At first, I was kind of worried too. I've heard this kind of talk before. Very common when it involves a person of my "persuasion" working with people of a certain other "persuasion".

But 4 years down the line, I can say with certainty that with my colleagues at least, all that talk is horseshit.

Racist tendencies can be unlearned slowly just like they can be picked up. The important thing is to not let any of those learned tendencies manifest itself. They can be controlled if one has good sense, unlike some of our more public figures.

In other news, I have more stuff to write about actually. I want to mention that I got Medieval 2. It's gorgeous!

But I'm saving all of that for the next post.

PS: The post title is a line from a song from Avenue Q.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Panadol Kills Cats!

Firstly, a public service announcement.

If you have a cat and he/she falls ill, do not under any circumstances give him/her paracetamol (Panadol, Uphamol etc):-

Paracetamol is extremely toxic to cats, and should not be given to them under any circumstances. Cats lack the necessary glucuronyl transferase enzymes to safely break paracetamol down and tiny fractions of a normal tablet for humans may prove fatal.
- Wikipedia, Paracetamol entry

It's very good to know these things. Please spread the word and let people know. I can't even begin to contemplate how awful it would be if I accidentally killed my cat by giving her "medicine".

In other news, early this morning (around 2.45am) there was a power failure at my house. It was very bad. And very boring.

It also reminds me of how much modern man needs electricity. I think 97% of all our activities will involve some kind of electrical power usage. The power outage lasted until around 4.00am. All the while I couldn't sleep because my room would become quite stuffy without something to move the air around (like a fan). I'm suddenly wondering how much a ceiling fan would cost. I'm quite sure it would cost less than air conditioning.

I was reading and I found that there WAS something wrong with my DSL connection after all. According to this post at Screenshots, the Streamyx problem with connection difficulties and crap speeds have been going on for a while too. Something to do with messed up hardware upgrading schedules. The post is quite technical but is very useful.

When Telekom does complete all the maintenance work I most certainly hope my previously very good DSL connection comes back to normal. Then I can play World of Warcraft again without lagging like crazy. I also hope the p2p blocking rumours are just mere rumours.

Anyway, relatively speaking my connection is still quite usable, provided I don't try to download anything. I know of other people who can't even get on and when they do get on, get worse throughput than dial-up.

In yet more news, I was supposed to do a Soundtrack of my Life kind of meme on Thursday. That was when I noticed that my music library hasn't been reorganized yet. I use Windows Media Player 10 to manage my music collection and on my previous PC. All the music I had were properly tagged with the correct relevant info like artist, album, cover art, songwriters etc.

When I got my new machine, I accidentally screwed up my OS hard disk which also contained the database for all my music.

I'm doing the whole thing all over again now. Should take about a week and a half if I take it slow.

All in all, I've had a decent enough week. My Hari Raya overtime just came it and is immediately going out again on account of my car hire/purchase and the PC upgrade credit card bill.

I still don't have enough cash (and motivation) to go out and buy clothes. I really should because it's a good time to go shopping. Things are beginning to feel Chrismas-sy. The end of the year of course, is my favourite time of the year.

Also happening in December is PIKOM's PC fair which will come back to Kuching on the 8-10th December. I'm very likely going to buy a SATA hard disk at the fair. And maybe some RAM. Can't go wrong with more RAM now can ya?

And that is everything for this week.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Circus/Free Software

The circus is in town yet again(not in my town though), providing much fodder for both professional and amateur political pundits everywhere in the country. It will be yet another show of threats, warnings and political doublespeak directed at "the enemy". We all know who this "enemy" is so I'm not going to elaborate.

I'm talking about the UMNO general assembly of course. To make things very interesting, this year's assembly will be shown live on TV.

Good idea. That way all can see and hear for themselves what some UMNO delegates are really about. Provided the live telecast gets through untampered of course.

I won't be watching though. I might get a little too upset. I'd rather sit in my room and play Football Manager or Neverwinter 2.

Anway, UMNO. I can't stand their belligerent, arrogant, racist swaggering. Of course they say they're not any of those things, but people have eyes and ears and brains to do the math.

The scary part is most of these people are playing to a gallery of hardcore supporters. I'm more scared of these supporters. Their existence proves that there are some Malays in the peninsular who are just as racist and bigoted as the people they elect to represent them.

Anyway, I'm not going to discuss UMNO further. I'm extremely grateful that I am from here, where there is NO UMNO and not from over there. There were rumours awhile back about some "interested individuals" (most likely ex-PERMAS people and disgruntled PBB members) who were trying to bring UMNO to Sarawak.

Not if I and a few hundred thousand other Sarawakians (at the very least)can help it.

Things aren't perfect here. We have our share of messed up politicians and our own political circuses. Politics aren't rosy here in the Land of the Headhunter, but it's not nearly as screwed up as in other places. So if anyone asks if we need to bring UMNO here, I will reply with a resounding No Thanks. We have enough of our own (stinky but still manageable) shit to fuss about.

In other news, my house is being made over. This is a good thing except that I work at night this week and when I get home the workmen are banging away with power tools and the air reeks of new paint fumes.

It's not an ideal situation when you're trying to get some sleep after a night's work.

I downloaded Open Office 2.04 just now and installed it. I've trying to get it down for the last few days. Connection at the house has been very slow lately. It looks quite alright but I haven't really tested it properly yet. I do know that it the Writer app can create pdf files and that's really cool.

I'm in a middle of a freeware kick at the moment. A few days ago I was thinking it would be nice if I could substitute as many of my cracked pirated software with legal freeware as possible.

I'm already using AVG Free Edition. I use Firefox 2.0. I got Open Office. I also downloaded Flashget. I also use Irfanview.

I need to get a freeware CD/DVD burner next.

So the only pirated apps I have now are my Nero Burning ROM (but my Nero Express is licensed though), my games (except Need For Speed Carbon and World of Warcraft) and my WinXP Pro SP2. Damn Windows XP so goddamn expensive. Honestly, if it cost 200 bucks I would buy original. If only...

I'm not trying to be morally vain or anything. Not a chance, I'm really just making a sport of this. I think it all started when I read an article somewhere that says that it is possible to have a freeware loaded PC that is as competitive and useful as one loaded with payware. I got curious and here I am hunting for freeware.

If anyone else has any suggestions please do tell. More cool free stuff is.... well, cool.

I'm off work tomorrow so I'm going to take it slow this evening. And I will be picking up a used 17" monitor tomorrow for my old PC dad's PC. I bet my two brothers will be really happy about that.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Big Brother and The Weak Minded Voyeur

I converted to the new Blogger Beta yesterday. Eagle eyed observers might have noticed that the last post had a tag.

The new blogger seems quite promising. It's faster than the old blogger and so far I've not had any difficulties editing or creating new entries.

Today's entry is once again, not about anything much.

Actually if I were to really get into it, there are quite a number of subjects to blog about.

Things like this for example. You'd expect that in the year 2006 in the 21st century, men would finally stop accusing victims of sexual crimes or harassment that they somehow "asked for it".

Alas no.

It's crazy. I wonder if these types of people realize that by saying the above, they are implying that men can't control their urges and have no self control? I'm thinking this is probably the by-product of lame ass piece of shit conservative bullshit culture that is quite entrenched in this country of ours. Perpetrators and purveyors of said culture are usually old fogies with little education, narrow minds, and an unhealthy obsession with appearances.

Never mind if their thoughts are gutter fodder, as long as they LOOK respectable and responsible everything is alright. Never mind if issues don't get resolved, as long as they can be covered up and hidden away from the sight of joe public (and more importantly, tourists) everything is a-okay.

Ok, I may have digressed slightly. Anyway, there you go. I really can't stand conservativism.

Anyway getting back on topic, it's quite annoying that in this day and age the concept of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY is not known by some people. I marvel at the kind of convulated thought process that could make someone think that they can do something to someone and blame that someone for making them do it.

The question I want to ask now is that why are there still people who are so stupidly narrow minded even with all the information and the exposure that we get from many different points of views and from many different cultures? What's with the medieval mentality?

The other issue that's kind of hot these days is the recent publication of the banned books list. I mentioned this in an earlier post but this time I have a link for reference and further reading. As can be expected, many bloggers in Malaysia are quite unhappy about this.

Me? As I mentioned before, the thing that pisses me most of all is still the Interior's Ministry stony silence on the issue, as is usually the case when the Ministry is involved. So far as I know, there has been NO explanation as to why those books were banned. I don't mean a general "these are banned because they are bad" stock answer either. I'm talking about explanations regarding EACH book. I'm quite sure that those books were not banned for just one reason.

Some might ask, why not write to the government? I'm sure it's been done by people who have more balls (and motivation) than me. And my cynical side tends to think,"why bother?" That's not the best way to deal with it, but seriously when it comes to the Federal government actions, why bother?

Anyway, one may wonder why books are still being banned. Is the Malaysian public's psyche so fragile that it needs to be protected from the big bad world? Is our society still so "kampung" and so primitive that people will riot in the streets if they read a book that they don't agree with? Or is it fear? Is the government afraid that the people of this country might read something in some book that will make them less "loyal"? Are they afraid that the public might find out about "something" that they don't want them to find out about?

Many interesting questions no?

The banning of books (and censorship for that matter) is futile. Why? Because whatever gets banned can be gotten from the internet. The government can't regulate internet access because that would be contrary to the policies that it set during the time the MSC was started. Internet control equals loss of business and that is a huge deal.

So yeah, banning books is a waste of time. There are other ways to get those books just like there are ways to find and download animal porn for example, which is also banned in Malaysia.

Instead of banning and censoring books and media, a rating system (which is already in place actually albeit very poorly used) will work better I think. That way, joe public has an idea of what he's getting into before deciding to read a book or watch a movie.

I don't see this happening anytime soon though, if ever.

PS. A newspaper column about the ban is here.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Idle Thoughts

My oh my. This blog really is seriously in danger of being neglected to death. I might need more drama in my life to spice things up a bit, so to speak.

I haven't had anything really important to blog about since before my last post. Even now as I write this, I have absolutely no idea where this post is going to go.

Kind of like the first time I started.

The latest new thing I'm wondering about is what is wrong with Bittorrent lately. Does anyone else have problems downloading stuff using torrent files, or is it just my connection? I've asked some people and all those people are complaining too. I've also heard rumours that Telekom did something to limit torrent download speeds. I most certainly hope that isn't true.

That would suck if it turns out to be true. Anyway, another thing I've noticed is that the speed of torrent downloads seems to be inversely proportionate to the size of the download. I can still hit decent throughput if the files being downloaded are less that 100 Mb.

When I download drivers and other stuff through http, my speed is kind of inadequate too now that I think about it. Which is not good news since I need to download new ATI Catalyst drrvers.

And when I play World of Warcraft, my latency is around 900ms+ presently. That's just barely enough.

It's a good thing that these few weeks have been really good with off line single player stuff. Like Football Manager 2007, Need For Speed Carbon and Neverwinter Nights 2.

Yep, yesterday I managed to get NWN 2.

It's very good. Definitely I'm quite impressed with the brilliant graphics, although the ingame camera system isn't very good without some adjustments in the game options. I'm also impressed at the implementation of D&D 3.5 rules. I created a Human Fighter and so far, the game is quite fun.

It remains to be seen if the story is as epic in scale as the one in the Baldur's Gate/Baldur's Gate 2 saga, which is still the greatest computer role playing game series ever created in my humble opinion.

If there's anything to complain about NWN2, one of it is probably the very hefty graphics requirement. Even my new fangled computer had some problems at first. The other thing is that the story takes awhile to get going.

In other happenings, not much else is happening.

It's still the same. I still go hang out and chat with friends, still fuss over the dog and cat, still fiddle with the computers at home. I hope to get a used 17" monitor next week. Real cheap.

So how am I feeling these days?

I'm feeling quite content, if one could call it that. I mentioned drama early and it's been so long since I've experienced any real upheaval, it's just a dim memory now. These days, I watch more than I participate.

Occasionally I do wonder if this apparent lack of emotion is doing more harm than good. I remember someone telling me that it isn't good to be numb inside. I think that's one way of describing it.

I do feel sort of numb.

Or perhaps after all this time and after all that's happened, I've finally gotten bored of it all.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Today's Post

Wow. Signing in to Blogger was a real pain this morning.

Anyway, a little follow up about swaggery colleague. Apparently, he didn't get to go out on his date. Before the appointed day, he got caught red handed with some other woman while lying about his whereabouts and now the woman who busted him won't return his calls anymore.

Oh well. I guess there's still some small amounts of justice left in this world.

Maybe I shouldn't take too much satisfaction from this considering that we are friends and all. Anyway, said setback doesn't seem to faze him at all. This makes me ask, how does one just brush off disappointments like this without even the slightest signs of distress? If it were me, I'd probably be writing a long woe-is-me-the-world-is-not-fair-why-why-why post right now.

I guess being a emo piece of shit really is not good for the health.

In other news, the Interior Ministry released the latest list of banned books. The thing that irks me about this is not so much the banning of said books, but the reasons behind the ban. As in the lack of explanation of the ban. That's one issue I have with the powers that be sometimes, the apparent reluctance/unwillingness to explain why they do the things they do.

Many bloggers are writing about this. I'll post links when I find the time to look for them.

I don't know about everyone else, but I think the government does owe it to themselves to explain the common people why things are the way they are. Not explaining (or deflecting inquiries with the stock "It's for the good of the public" stock answer) smacks of big brotherliness.

In my opinion, this is just another example of conservative insecurities. I won't elaborate more, it is enough for me to say that I have a multitude of issues with fearful conservatives. There's not a lot of good that I can say.

Anyway, whatever. The powers that be can go and do as they please, so long as they stay out of my face and leave me alone. That's all I ask. It's not as if I can make much difference anyway.

In more news, the New Computer is getting on just fine. It's quieter, cooler and a lot quicker than the old one. I'm very pleased with it.

My car is going into the dry dock most likely on Friday evening. I hope to fix all the other stuff too, like the scrapes on the front fender and the bonnet and also to install my new amplifier which has been sitting in my room this past month or so.

That's the story of my life so far. Just routine stuff. Nothing too heavy.

It doesn't make good fodder for posting about I guess.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Newish PC

I bought new stuff for the PC on Thursday!

1Gb RAM, Gigabyte GA-M55SLI-S4 AM2 socket board, AMD Sempron 3000+ proc, new case with 500 watts and an NVIDIA GeForce 7300GT PCI-e graphics card.

The board is SLI ready! And so is the graphics card. Therefore, I can stick TWO GeForce 7300GTs in my machine if I'm so inclined.

The board was (rather enthusiastically) recommended by the sales guy. I'm quite impressed with the board's other features. It includes on board Firewire and network interface. Very convenient. The thing that really attracted me to it though was the fact that unlike many other SATA capable main boards, this one includes a full featured PATA IDE controller. That means I can use all my old hard drives and DVD writer plus SATA hard drives in the future. I think this is a nice feature.

So far so good. The new system is as stable as a rock and quite surprisingly, doesn't generate as much heat as my previous AMD Athlon XP 2200+ processor.

Now my old stuff is sitting in my dad's old casing, fully configured and running. Finally, we have TWO PCs with decent power in the house. Our old Duron 600 is finally retired after nearly a decade of service.

Or has it?

I noticed that I have enough junk parts to use back on the "retired" hardware and set up a THIRD PC. In fact, all it needs is keyboard/mouse, a monitor, a wireless LAN card and some kind of optical drive. It so happens that I'm planning to buy an LCD monitor and SATA hard disk within the next 2 months...

My brother asked me about it yesterday and I've decided to go for it. So the new LCD monitor replaces my 17" Samsung monitor, my monitor will replace our relic 14" monitor and that will be used by my brother. Three PCs in our very own home network. And, my youngest brother's P4 is still in KL.

All these new computer projects is making me giddy with excitement.

In other news, my Need For Speed Carbon arrived on Thursday too. It's bloody brilliant. There's a lot I can write about it so I'll do a post on it some time next week probably. I'll probably throw in some thoughts on the new graphics card too. All I can say about it now is that it's very powerful for something considered "mid-range".

Alright then, back to the canyons!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Tale of the Swaggery Colleague

Firstly, Love United. What a lovely song that was. In the video, Roberto Carlos is quite funny.

Anyway, thought I post a follow up on that list I put up last week:-

1. Already placed an order for the door. It should be here within this two weeks.

2. Guy who hit me promised to pay me this week.

3. I keep forgetting to look through the CDs in the car. Might do that tomorrow, I'll move them out of the car at least.

4. Backup of music in progress. Lots of DVDs.

5. Still no time to play guitar. Work gets in the way. And Football Manager.

6. Too lazy to close bank accounts. Besides, there isn't much money in them anyway. I might want to keep the Maybank one just in case I need their online payment service.

2 out of 6. Which is less than half. Ah well.

Yesterday, I was hanging around with my colleagues at work and someone blurted out that our Swaggery colleague has got himself a date with this woman from another department.

That is bloody fast. Last week they didn't even know each other. Actually, I wanted to slowly talk to her.

Once again I'm going to have to let this one slide.

Relationship dynamics can be quite complicated but watching Swaggery colleague work his way through women is frightening. His method is scarily simple. He just bulldozes them, never giving them any chances to overthink. Take it or leave it. Now or never. It's mystifying.

Needless to say he gets laid quite a lot.

Some might say it's a matter of timing but from what I see here, being forward is more rewarding. Being brash and swaggery helps too apparently.

That's the X factor. Swaggery colleague has tons of total confidence in himself. Almost too much one might say. I'd pay money to be that confident and that fearless. I guess confidence is what separates the wheat from the chaff.

Sometimes I think, where did this confidence come from? Is he confident because he gets laid a lot or does he get laid a lot because he's confident?

Also, guys like this make it hard for ordinary guys.

You see, he gets laid a lot. So, behind him he leaves a trail of messed up women who fell for him. In fact, he dumped one just last weekend. *Snaps fingers* just like that.

Now, let's say that I met one of these "leftovers". Let's say that I wanted to befriend her and take her for dinner or whatever. She won't. Because I'm a guy and guys are scum. Just like the last guy who dumped her.

Unfortunately, this isn't a hypothetical scenario. Wrong place wrong time?

Anyway, there are three conclusions. Conclusion number 1, low confidence equals no success with women. No surprise there.

Conclusion number 2, the more easily one hooks up with a member of the opposite sex, the easier it is to leave them just like that. It's because one can get away with it and people will give one more chances to "make up for it" so to speak. It's not necessarily evil, it's just the way it is. If you're desirable then you can get away with being a bitch/jerk because you're desirable and people are more willing to let it slide. That's why people stay is bad relationships.

Don't ask me why, I've tolerated bad treatment out of want and desire myself. It's just human stupidity I suppose...

And lastly, unless you have a "move" or are attractive or uber confident, if you are just an ordinary joe, the one and only one thing you can rely on is still just pure, blind, dumb luck.

That sucks but there you go.