Monday, May 31, 2010


This post is just so this month's post count will be more than 1.

What can I say, there's nothing going on to report. My computer sort of died, so I had to replace some parts.

Work is just like that. Life in general is just like that. Sort of boring.

What would I blog about if there's no personal matter to discuss? I could talk about current issues again but those things just annoy me. Politics? Same thing.

Anyway, it's Gawai tomorrow. I'm at home and probably will stay home tomorrow too. Not feeling particularly festive to be honest.

Still, the quiet is something to be grateful for. I just wish I could enjoy it a bit more.

It's sort of boring.

Happy Gawai to you all and hopefully your year was alright. It's ok for me so far.

Sunday, May 09, 2010


It's a Sunday. I'm at work. There's this big event going on here. It's pretty cool actually. Big crowd these last few days.
Anyway, that screencap above is of this really, really cool website. Urban exploration is quite awesome. I was thinking about something. I know of some abandoned structures here in Kuching and how cool would it be to buy out land that has a colonial era structure on it and have that structure refurbished. It'd be awesome and a change from building a house from scratch or buying a prebuilt one.
I'd love to be able to live in a hundred year old house.
I've always been fascinated by old things. History fascinates me. Objects and other things connected to the past fascinate me. It's hard to explain why. Even stranger considering that I was never that good at History when I was studying it in secondary school.
I recently applied for another job. A very high paying one at a local campus of an international university. I don't think I'll get it. No matter, all I want is to go to the interview. I feel that if I got a shot at an interview I have a small chance. The pay is very, very good. I really, really need money this year.
I watched some movies lately. Iron Man 2 was pretty good. But strangely, I enjoyed Kick Ass more.
I upgraded to Windows 7 Pro at home recently just so I could play Just Cause 2. I don't regret it. Just Cause 2 is awesomely fun. The game is so very big. So many places to go and so many things to see. And to blow up.
Even more excellent is Win 7 actually. I should've changed over sooner. It is very good. The thing I appreciate the most is the very much improved memory management. No issue with memory leaks at all. I appreciate the quick boot up and shut down too. It took a while to get used to especially since the XP classic desktop is not available anymore. But once past that, Win 7 is really good.
Not much else is happening. It's May already. Almost half a year gone. I really hope I get that job.