Thursday, April 28, 2005

Good Questions

All this evening, I tried to think of one of those introspective posts that I always like to write. I failed to think of anything. Not enough angst. I might need to go and really make that "Powered By Angst" sticker I posted about a few months back.

I guess, I'm not really into introspection lately. There are things that I want to write about, but these are mostly current issues stuff like the diesel problem and the MPs getting pissed off at NST issue (and they wonder why people find it hard to take MPs seriously, especially the really stupid ones). Which is always risky to write.

I mean, I could upset someone or misquote someone. How embarassing that would be ? I suppose I could do the research, but I'm at work and am too busy to do that.

Well, if I'm so busy what am I doing posting you ask ? I am formatting a hard disk, which takes time. That's why.

A batch of reconditioned Dell P3 866s arrived a few days ago. I like it when new hardware arrives. I would pick out one and rip it open to see what's inside. So, I was examining one of the P3s when I noticed something that is very, very rare nowadays.

256Mb RDRAM. Rambus man. They're like exotic now. I especially like how they come with heatsinks. Makes em look classy. I wish I had my camera with me.

So what else did I do today ? Let's see, I played X-Wing Alliance again and read. I slept the entire day until 5.30pm just now. It rained. It was a nice, cool evening.

Tomorrow, I'm not working. Three day weekends are the best aren't they ?

There is this one thing that I've been itching to write about. Dee wrote about it yesterday. It's come up in conversations I've had. Also, a friend mailed me and mentioned the same thing in her e-mail. There's this question, a very good one if I do say so.

"People say, "I want a lover who is also a friend, a true companion." Then when they have friends they find attractive AND companionable, they say, "I don't want to ruin the friendship." So who does that leave you? Total strangers? And how easy is it to meet total strangers?"

Good question isn't it ?

No, I wouldn't mind at all if any close girl friend of mine confessed that she was into me that way. It wouldn't be weird to me. In fact, it would be flattering. Whether or not I would say yes, that depends on my own feelings then wouldn't it ?

If I said no and if we were good enough friends, I don't think it'll ruin our friendship in the long term. Sure, there'll be them after effects like awkward moments and things like that, but I like to believe that true friends can rise above that.

Likewise, if I was in love with a girl friend the only thing that will prevent me from admitting it to her is the fact that our friendship might not be solid enough to begin with. After all, our truest friends accept us for what we are, warts and all. If it were that solid, I'd be less worried about "losing" her.

If I was a good enough friend to her, she could say no and maybe explain and try to make me feel less bad about being rejected by her because she's my friend. If she was really my friend she would care enough about the way I feel, right ?

I guess what I'm trying to say is that, if admitting attraction to a friend will ruin that friendship, perhaps your friendship isn't as solid as you think it was.

It's a good topic of conversation isn't it ?

Perhaps I will write more about this over the weekend. Until then, feel free to weigh in with opinions.

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