Monday, April 04, 2005


Nothing really important going on right now. Just me, a desire to write something (anything in fact) and no topic to write about.

Therefore I will fall back on the old blogging standby. Me.

Except even right now, I can't think of anything really serious to write about myself. That's really saying something, since I can really go on and on and on....

What can I say about me ?

I'm fine. I'm different from before (I think) That's just the thing, changes can only be detected by people outside. But I think I'm different now from the same time last year.

I strangely content. I'm not sure whether because I've made peace with my surroundings and my life now, or whether I'm just suppressing all my unfulfilled wants.

I'm satisfied with how everything is now.

It's funny when I think back to the days when things didn't seem so right. It's like watching a movie with someone else playing you. The situations are familiar and you remember them, but somehow they seem so far away. Sometimes I think, nah.... that wasn't me was it ?

Funny thing, memory.

I don't have a specific thing that I'm looking forward to. No great ambition and nothing major to shoot for. I'm just here. Some people think that's being unambitious. Might be true.

I think it's peace. It takes a bit to get used to the quiet and the inaction.

I'm still alone, but I'm not feeling lonely anymore. For now.

I like the idea that people have mentioned to me that they like what I write here. It's extremely flattering and yet somehow I still find it hard to believe.

But I'm grateful for that.

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