Friday, April 15, 2005

Weekend Relief

At work. Just had lunch. The weekend looms. And this weekend, I don't need to go to work. A valied reason for a big sigh of relief.

I spent some time reading blogs this morning. It's such an experience, reading about what all these different people are saying. I read many quite heart warming posts. It makes me wonder if any of my posts have ever been considered heart warming.

Many writers write well. Remarkable, considering how many of them don't write professionally. Or even come from backgrounds that encourage writing. It's a natural talent. Some people don't ever need to practise. Some others, like myself need to acquire the habit. It is a good habit.

I come from a science background. All through school all the way to college. I can't draw to save my life. Writing ? Until recently, I couldn't write. I could write well enough to describe a diagram or mathematical formula or other things like that. But not with any kind of flair.

I play guitar, though not too well. Just enough to accompany some simple tunes. I haven't tried writing any songs yet. Lyrics are very tricky.

I read, but mostly non-fiction and general interest material. I'm not that into literature. Nor fiction. Nor poetry.

I don't count myself as being highly creative. I have high regard for people who are creative. Through blogging, I've met a few of these.

So, this writing just for the hell of it is still new to me. But I'm encouraged by the response I get. I like what it does to me. Not bad for 15 months of practise.

Blogging is good for you. Such a simple pastime, so many benefits.

And talking about simple things that are beneficial, there is definite merit to phototherapy and how it helps improve your mood. I mentioned it in my last post. Now what is phototherapy ? Lights, that's what.

Or better yet sunlight. These last two days I spent a bit more time walking around in sunlight. I feel much better than last week.

The weekend looms and I look forward to the end of what was a tough week, on and off work. A bit of rest will do me good. And on Sunday, I can go on my overdue Star Wars fest.

Y'all have a good weekend now ok ?

EDIT: I feel better, but somehow I still feel a bit out of sync and scattered. So, some of my posts may sound a little distracted for a while. Sorry about that.

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