Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Self Improvement

Once again I didn't do any damn thing the whole day. Only this time, its by choice.

In this day and age of getting ahead and rat racing, people tend to forget about the joys of doing nothing.

Personally I'd rather do nothing at the beach somewhere but home is good too.

Funny how there's some kind of stigma about not "improving yourself" in your spare time. I get questions about that from some people at the office, especially from the more anal retentive types.

Actually, I'm only not improving myself in your typical fashion. In other ways,with my blogging and my going out more, I am improving myself.

I have no intention of going to get a degree. At least not now anyway. If I ever go to college, it'll be full time and in a foreign country, like England. Or Wales. I like Europe. I got some brochures of unis in places like Hull and Cardiff and Edinburgh. The campuses are gorgeous !!

Unfortunately, they cost.

I have a colleague who is taking his degree part time. Poor sod has precious little time left for his kid, his wife and himself. He doesn't mind. But me ? I would lose my mind in about two days....

There's absolutely nothing wrong with bettering yourself and going back to school. It is a noble pursuit.

I do think it's wrong to look at people funny when you ask them about going back to school and they say no thanks.

I am improving myself. I'm practising writing by blogging and fighting my antisocial loner side by going out a lot. I'm learning to be calmer and not be so intense all the time.

That's improving right ?

PS. I'm chatting on YM right now and I'm very distracted. So if the post sounds blah you know why...

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