Sunday, April 10, 2005

Local Guy Gets Defensive !

Someone posted about cops ! As usual, it wasn't a good post, but is anyone actually surprised by that ?

Local cops have a bad rep, especially traffic and low ranked beat cops. Unfortunately, that bad rep is justified. Low ranked cop stoogies are the scum of the earth, even worse than gangsters. Ok fine. That's a generalisation. But pull 10 random beat cops from a line and I bet my left arm that 7 of them are corrupt/incompetent/stupid/all of the above.

Surely, they're not THAT bad right ? They are, trust me. If you're all meek and accomodating, be prepared to be eaten for brunch.

This is one reason why me and my group of friends tend to take matters into our own hands, even if that means contacting people in the....."underworld". Or going around the official channel and reporting something straight to someone higher up. Cops are the last resort and even then we try and contact those we know personally. So, what am I saying ?

Beat cops, traffic cops and those guys who man desks/counters are there for a reason. As policemen, they suck.

But this post isn't about cops at all actually. It's about local men.

I read that post and the term "seeth" doesn't even begin to describe my initial reaction. I was about to get all defensive and launch into a tirade about how easily people make generalisations etc etc.

Then I went for a smoke break and managed to calm down a bit. I must admit, a lot of local men are assholes. A lot of local men are insensitive, uncouth and barbaric. In fact, I should be pissed off because men like that it makes it harder for guys like ME goddammit !

I'm more upset when I realize that I actually know some guys like that. Thanks a bloody lot guys, because of miscreants like YOU, a lot of women think all guys including ME are CREEPS too. Thanks a fucking lot.

Ok now that's out of the way I will now try to be rational about this.

I don't blame the author of the post. She has every right to feel offended and angry for what happened to her. I'm very sorry she had to go through that.

However I feel that it is unfair for her to blame local men in general, for that implies that ALL of us are like that. True enough, there are a lot of guys like that. I cannot speak for them, because I feel that I do not act like that.

Do I ? I would like to know if I have in some way acted in any sexist way ever. I'd like to think that I do not conduct myself like that, nor do I think many of my male friends are like that.

I admit, it stung when she said she cannot stand local men. It hurts everytime I hear or read anything that implies directly or indirectly (eg. that Sarong Party Girl Blog), that there is something wrong with us who are born and bred here. Like we're somehow, inferior.

I wonder out loud, when people make comparisons like that, are they 100% sure ? Have any of these women, who are so damn sure that local men suck, ever had any actual relationship (friends,etc) with a local man ?

To me, local or not doesn't matters here, but generally speaking men are men wherever they are. And many men are assholes. As are some women.

Anyway getting back on the subject, I realize that the author of that post was merely expressing an opinion as I am in this post. I hope there are no hard feelings.

I'm very sorry she have to go through the things she had to. I'm very sorry about the way she is treated. I wish there was something that I could do about that.

I only mean to say that it's unfair to make sweeping statements like that. That's all.

Have a good evening.

EDIT: I also meant to try to explore the reasons why some men act the way they do, but that is such a long post it will have to wait.

EDIT : I have removed an offensive link on this entry as a gesture of goodwill. The person mentioned here and I have talked about this and she has explained the circumstance which led to her post.

She has requested that this matter be dropped completely so she can concentrate on her current situation.

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