Thursday, April 14, 2005

Away From The Sun

This morning, I saw something I wanted to take a picture of. So I take out my camera, point, focus and click. Whereupon the camera promptly shut itself down. Apparently, I haven't been charging the batteries. Sometimes, I take it for granted that NmH will never lose power.

Ok, the truth is I was being absent minded again.

I went out to see friends last night at the usual place. I finally remembered to bring Andrea's cds with me and pass them to Gette. I think she waited 6 months for those cds. Or maybe more. Of course, if I remember something like that I'd forget something else.

And of course how fitting is it when the thing that I forgot to bring to a photo meet....
.... was my camera.

I so need a vacation right now.

And talking about vacations and things that help people relax, I must say. Tea is soothing. I think I will order tea again the next time. I like tea.

And still on relaxing and other ways to induce the feeling of well being, remember my mood swing thingy (references to which is probably available throughout my blog) ? Well , yesterday I was doing some reading and I came across some good articles about seasonal affective disorder, phototherapy, melatonin etc etc.

And talk about coincidence, a friend of my sent me mail and in it she mentioned the exact same thing.

This explains a lot of things. I did mention that I'm more prone to swingy moods when I'm working at night. I work at night, go back in the morning, sleep and wake up at dusk. I would not see the sun for up to 5 nights in a row. Apparently, lack of sunlight can cause mood disturbances.


When I work days, I'm a lot more chipper and time seems to move faster. I'm curious, if I reread my own blog entries and correlate their contents with my shift patterns, will I see the connection ?

Could this information help ? I think it might. Anyway, it's a pretty good excuse to go to beach now isn't it ?

It probably doesn't explain all of the things that I sometimes feel. I am after all naturally prone to dark moods. But every little bit helps and it's something for me to try out. It would really help if others try it and feedback to see how significantly light levels affect people's moods.

Maybe this explains why there are no such things as chipper vampires....

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