Thursday, May 26, 2005

Then and Now and Net

There is something wrong with Blogger again. I can't seem to insert links when I use "Compose" mode. Looks like I have to hard code this post with HTML.


I don't like code. I get confused by it.

I bought a feathered ball toy thing for The Cat today. She likes feathery things. She's been playing with it for a while now.

There are no new games out, at least none that I'm interested to play. There's no new thing to write about either.

I use this blog to complain. That's what it started out as. It's been quite effective in that it helped purge me of a lot of baggage. If only I started blogging back in secondary school. That would've probably turned me into a slightly better person. I should've.

Except that during the 1986-1991 period, the Internet didn't exist yet, as least not widely anyway. Kids these days, so damn lucky with their mobile phones and the broadband and all this new fangled telecommunications stuff.

Back in those days, we had to plan appointments well in advance including things like place and time to meet. One tiny misunderstanding and the whole thing would have to be called off.

No such thing as split second calls or smses on a cell phone, no sirree.

I remember how useful public phones were.

When someone liked someone else, the only low risk way to tell that someone was to write a letter. Yes, a letter as in paper and ink with handwriting. Or typewriter. Or one of those corny notes you pass through a middleman.

I used to play middleman in class. That was funny.

Nowadays, all you need is email.

I can only imagine how much money my current contacts would cost me in stamps. Thank goodness for email.

The world seems so much smaller and much less difficult to comprehend nowadays. Technology is cool like that. Or in this case, the Net.

Without the net, I wouldn't have met and gotten to know half the people I know now.

It's funny when I remember back in the early nineties when some people insisted that Internet use would be bad for social skills.

As usual with naysayers, that was wrong. I suppose it would be true if by using the Net someone cuts themself off from other people.

Technology is not the bad here. Antisocial people are antisocial, whether or not they are online.

Excuse me, I will go play with The Cat now and download more music.

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