Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Cat and Gubra

Before I forget to mention it, I'm pleased that Yasmin has started preproduction of Gubra, which will feature all the those people from Sepet including the flamboyant Ida Nerina and the very cute Sharifah Amani.

I am so looking forward to this. I must say, this is quite unprecedented. I have never anticipated a local film like this before. That's really saying something.

See, local films mostly suck, at least to me anyway. And they usually suck to me because I can't relate to them. The stories are implausible, the acting not so good (which I can usually overlook provided the story is good) and the scripts. Listen to the script of your typical Malaysian made film and ask yourself this question.

In your entire life living in this country has anyone heard anyone talk like that ?

They are many talented individuals out there in our film industry, this much I know. Unfortunately, they are ham-strung by our censorship board who, among other things have this strange aversion to reality and try as much as they can to advance the sinister political agendas of certain politicians. Hence the bizarre restrictions and the weird unwritten rules.

Fortunately, some of our more daring indie film makers have done very, very well with their hyperrealistic tales of love and life. They have done well enough to prompt some members of our normally stuffy, conservative, out of touch government to sit up, smell the napalm and back off a bit. I hope this continues.

Actually, today's post was supposed to be about The Cat. I slept very late today after work because I had to help mom send The Cat to the vet. She has fever.

Ahh The Cat. She is quite funny sometimes, what with the somewhat creepy look that she has, the loud, plaintive meowing when she wants something (or in the case of the bath, when she DOESN'T want something) and the hyperness associated with young cats (she's three months old, I think).

According to mom, what happened was she was outside playing in the rain yesterday and had come down with a fever by evening. So yeah, in the morning when I came home she wasn't bugging me to give her food like she usually does.

So we went to the vet. She got jabbed. She didn't enjoy that. I was outside in the waiting area and I could hear the screaming meowing. She doesn't like taking medication either. She's a little thing and yet it took two people to hold her down and shove her meds down her throat. Cue much struggling, claws and more loud screaming meowing.

She was very upset. She refused to even look at me after that. She's a bit better now. Still a little lethargic but at least she's moving around a bit more. She was outside sunning herself when I left for work.

Ahh work. Two more nights of this and I'll be free again. Already I have images of beverages at the lounge at the Kuching Hilton dancing in my head.

I like my job just fine, but I don't like work per se. I'm a lazy bastard I know. I have to work this Sunday too (groooann..)

I watched Dawn of the Dead this morning. It was very good. I liked it. More on that later (but don't hold your breath).

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