Friday, May 06, 2005


I'm off work. I intend to enjoy myself. Catch up on some sleep. I have a looong weekend.

I woke up earlier than I usually do. I've been playing SWAT 4 all morning. Good game. Right now, I'm stuck in this mission where there's a botched car theft attempt at a chop shop. It's a tough one. It's dark and the perps are heavily armed.

Just now, while continuing to inventory my DVDs, I decided to watch Freddy vs Jason again. That's a fun movie to watch.

Slasher flicks. They're crude, they're senselessly and unnecessarily violent, they barely qualify as art and they are almost devoid of all the graces of other film genres. But they're campy, over the top and sometimes funny.

I like them. I'm going to look for the other movies from my childhood with Jason and Freddy in them. Good times, good times.

I have a few things to write about. But I'm sleepy. In fact, now that I think about it, I have mentioned in previous posts about writing more about the subjects I write about in those posts. But rarely do I come around to them. Maybe I should make a list and help myself remember.

Later I'm going out, perhaps to do some shopping, reload and to check out this new music store that just opened at 3rd mile. Hopefully, they do fret repairs for acoustic guitars. It's the weirdest thing, none of the music stores in town want to do fret replacements for acoustics. I have this perfectly good acoustic here at home with busted frets. Such a shame if I can't get it fixed.

Regular readers will recall that I have mentioned this in a post many months ago.

Yesterday's date was 05/05/05. I had this idea for a post entitled Five by Five yesterday. But, I got lazy. Heh. I am kinda tired and I had plans last night, so I have a good excuse. Definitely I will write a post called Five by Five. I love that title.

I've added many blogs to my ever increasing blog roll. Check out the Darth Vader one. It's very funny.

For the moment, life is quite good and it's a strange place to be in. Yes, even good things need adjusting to.

But no one will here me complain about that.

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