Wednesday, May 18, 2005


I'm sitting here at the office, enjoying a rather good view of the setting sun while I try to revive a broken Dell Inspiron 510M notebook. So far, it's doing ok. I can see the network now and can join domain.

Am applying XP Service Pack 2 now.

That was the first thing that came to mind when I hit the Create New Post button. So sad isn't it ?

I'm still feeling rather sore from hauling those 90lb servers yesterday, as mentioned here. Good workout that one was.

This morning I had so many things I wanted to blog about. Unfortunately, so many users called me wanting help with so many things. And now, as the sun is setting and the users go home, I forgot what I wanted to write.


Well anyway, what I do remember are snippets, and one of those snippets have something to do with relationships. Again. Something about people's duality when it comes to that.

Some people make better friends than lovers. Heard of that, I'm sure we all have. The question becomes, why ?

I think it boils down to expectations. A person would expect more from a lover, perhaps too much in many cases. People expect certain things that from a lover, what they should do or say and how they should behave.

It's harder to be your own person because I think the label "boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife" carries its own set of rules. It's ironic in a way. We keep hearing the advice, "be yourself, be yourself". But how many of us have gradually morphed into The Boyfriend or The Wife or whatever else the label is.

I know I have.

I'm sure they are exceptions to the rules. For that to happen, I think one must have supreme confidence in themselves.

I think so, because how many times have we seen a person who is less than comfortable with themself act like a prat when they're in love ?

I know I did.

Irony again. The less confident one is about themself, the more the need for approval from another, the less able the ability to sustain a good relationship.

It's like that thing where the best way to keep a relationship going is not to need it in the first place.

Life is strange like that.

Labels. One night, me and Rin were driving around when she suddenly said,"Isn't it great to have a platonic relationship without needing to label ?" She's right.

What of me and Rin ? Are we going out, like dating ? Are we friends ? What is the level of out relationship ?

Who cares...

We like each other a lot. I think she's a great girl. But we're not in love. There is no commitment as such. So that means we aren't dating I suppose. I find her attractive, but not enough to ask her out officially so to speak. I would accept and give it a try if she were to ask me, but I don't think she feels like that about me.

But we spend an awful lot of time together. So we're friends ? Maybe. But I sometimes think it's more than mere friendliness.

There's always a good kind of tension there, when we're hanging out.

But is it courtship ? Flirting ? No I don't think so somehow. Courtship has a definite intention. Flirting ? Too flighty.

The truth is it doesn't matter. It's a great relationship whatever I call it. We're in a nice, comfortable place. She doesn't say, but I think she feels the same here.

There's one more point, one that makes it so much better. And that point is...

No labels, no pressure. I like it.

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