Sunday, May 08, 2005

Kingdom of Heaven

It's one of those days when Blogger isn't being cooperative and is hard to log on to. I had a post just now, but that's all gone now. The idea I mean.

I think there's something wrong with my phone. It's acting funny and I can't seem to send or receive messages. I hope it's not busted.

I watched Kingdom of Heaven just now. Pretty good. Orlando Bloom was not effeminate at all. I didn't cringe at all. I love the character of Saladin played by Ghassan Massoud. Saladin rocks.

I only wished that they've made Saladin speak Arabic to his lieutenants instead of English.

I like historical pieces like this one. I especially like it if they base it on real people.

This movie basically says the same thing I keep saying. Men fight religious wars and yet religion has little to do with it. No religion preaches war, and yet....

People. Evil, manipulative people. That's the problem. And what's the best way to whip up the masses ? Religion. For thousands of years, people have hijacked religion for their own nefarious designs and people never learn. I doubt we will ever learn.

Why is religion so easy to hijack ? So many things I could write here, but one factor is ignorance from within and without a religious community. People can be so callously stupid. Just go and read some of the stuff people post on the IMDB forum about this movie and you'll see what I mean.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, this movie isn't really about the Crusades. Nor is it Islamophobic or anti-Christian. This film is about the truth behind religious wars amongst other things. The truth that zealots are the troublemakers, not the religion itself.

In other news...

I'm on a music download kick again. This afternoon I found a Lagwagon album and I just completed downloading The Killers' Hot Fuss album. Next, Better Than Ezra's Greatest Hits and I'm still trying to find a torrent file for Friction Baby that wouldn't time out.

And Dishwalla. Last night, when Rin was messing around with my PC one of their singles appeared on her Launchcast playlist. They sound different from before.

Tomorrow is a Sunday. I plan to have an easy going day and I hope the weather will cooperate. I need to settle myself down before I start work again on Monday.

Maybe I'll wake up early and have a slow breakfast.

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