Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Nineteen Thousand and Counting

As of 7.05am local time this morning, my hit meter registered 19000 hits. Not bad for a non-descript personal website will almost no relevant content, eh ?

I'm posting less frequently nowadays. Partly due to being busier, partly due to a more eventful social surrounding and partly due to the relative lack of angst and disatisfaction. So I might have to change focus again to make things slightly more interesting.

Rin and myself have been taking quite a few photos lately. I haven't had the time to put them up yet, but some of the photos really look good. Last night, she wanted to stop by at the Waterfront and take more pictures but there was no place to park. Such a shame, for the sky was clear and the moon was full last night.

Near the River Barrage there is a great place to take photos especially on a clear night. I especially like the sky's reflection on the surface of the water. It's gorgeous. Unfortunately, my camera is not capable of picking up enough light to take a good picture of it. I tried a few times already and all I got was darkness. It's too damn bad.

I can't believe Gawai is just a week away. I guess I've been more wrapped up with other things than I thought. Usually I'll start talking about it a month in advance. I'll be having a long break Gawai week. It'll be a good time to catch up on some rest and merry making. I think this year's festivities will be a bit less exciting than last year's. All of us got too busy to really plan anything. The other boring thing is that I'll be working on Gawai eve.

Gawai week is quite significant for me personally. It falls in June, the halfway point of the year. Imagine that, half the year gone in a blink of the eye. Or so it feels like. All things considered, it's been quite a good year so far. I've enjoyed it.

Aside from the last night's sky, hits and Gawai there's nothing much to report right now. Perhaps I can think of something tomorrow when I get off work ? I'll put up some pictures when I get home. I must remember to bring that camera more often.

Talking about the night sky, I read that the Voyager I space probe is on the verge of leaving the system into interstellar space. This is exciting. I've been following the progress of Voyager 1 (and it's sister Voyager 2) on and off since I was in primary school. And here it is, still running(!) and about to go someplace where nothing manmade has ever been before.

The unknown. So frightening and yet so compelling at the same time....

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