Friday, May 20, 2005

Cats, Big Ass Dogs, Driving Around and Bad Movies

We took The Cat for shots today. She's quite a handful now. On the way home she kept pawing the car window to try and find a way out.

I think we need to buy one of those pet carriers soon, since she's due for another shot next month. Pretty soon she'll be big enough and strong enough to make handling her difficult.

The vet said she was cute.

And talking about animals, Rin and I drove around town today and we noticed that Kuching's got quite a number of pet shops now. So different from when I was younger.

And talking about animals again, while we were at one of those pet shops at MJC we saw the biggest dog I've ever seen. Appropriate it was called Giant. I have never seen an Alsatian THAT big, honest.

It was easily more than five feet long nose to tail. Huge ! I wonder how much it eats.... I'll be broke if I had a dog that big.

I wish I brought my camera.

Later, we went to meet up with Jerome at Java Juice. Gette came later. As usual, the conversation was great. I wish we could see Gette more often. She's a lot of fun. But alas, she's a busy girl and her job takes a lot out of her.

Rin and I have been running up the clicks in both our cars driving around town. I notice that:-

A. Kuching is not very big, but that's quite obvious.
B. It might get a little dull due to the lack of size, but there are some really nice places around.
C. The sights are great and I'm not talking about the regular tourist traps. Drive around the outskirts of town and see what I mean. Especially around five-ish.
D. It's no longer as backwater-ish as it used to be when I was in school.

I like my small town. It will always be that. It may be offically a city, but I fervently hope it never, ever loses that small town feel.

Finally, some blogging reminders for myself.

First, romanticism.

Just now when I driving Rin home when I asked her,"What's romantic to you ? What makes you go awww ?"

It got me thinking, what do I find romantic ? It seemed like a straightforward question but I'm going to think about that before I write it down. As usually, talking about feelings is like peeling an onion. So many layers. And sometimes there are tears.

Second, Sleeping Dictionary.

At any rate, that was a bad, bad movie. But not as bad as Gigli, which was so bad I could only watch half of it before gagging and turning of the DVD player. That's really saying something, since I usually like watching laughing at bad movies.

I'll write about these things as soon as I find the time. I'm going to go watch my Alone in The Dark DVD now.

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