Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Crazy People

I read something so bizarre I have to write about it before I forget.

We all have our fanboy/fangirl moments do we not ? I myself am a big Buffy fan, where I remember things like episode titles and specific lines of script. Well, as bad as my fascination for Buffy is, at least I'm not as nuts as the person described in this post. Check it out.

I laughed quite hard. Obsession makes people weird doesn't it ?

Anyways, the name Siti Nurhaliza illicits all kinds of reactions. What do I think of her ?

I'm no fan, but I don't hate her either. She's ok I guess. She's no soul diva, but her singing voice is fine. She got lampooned quite a bit a while back for having crap English, but to her credit at least she went out and did something about that. Still needs some work though, but at least she's trying.

The one good thing I can say about her is at least she tries to improve. I'm quite impressed by the fact that she learnt how to work percussion instruments and integrate that into her live shows. Her shows are quite impressive too.

So far, I can safely say that she hasn't done or said anything that I found personally offensive. However, I think she could do well if she was more adventurous when it comes to musical styling. And it would do her well to get out from under the shadow of her overly protective brother-in-law/manager/agent.

I think the reason why so many people don't like her is because of the behaviour of some of her fans. The woman's got legions of them, some of whom aren't wired right (like the person in the linked post just now). Personally, I find it really annoying when I hear people gush over her like she's somekind of otherworldly goddess.

This despite the fact that I too, am sometimes guilty of gushing over Buffy/Sarah Michelle Gellar. But at least I'm not compelled to defend her at every turn and at least I can accept it when people say that she has no boobs/butt and that she is kinda small. I still think she's hot and I still hate Freddie Prinze Jr.

What can I say ? I'm a straight male and I get envious of other straight males who have hot girlfriends/wives who are Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Anyway, back to being a Siti fanboy/fangirl. Yes, they can be extremely annoying and unfortunately this reflects back on her. So, in a way when people say that Siti sucks and that she's annoying, it's partly because of her overzealous fans.

Also, it's a known fact that the more well known a person is, the more annoyed some people will get. I don't know why. I don't think being dengki (envious) is enough to explain that.

Whatever it is, it's fun to watch people act strangely no ?

In other news, Haloscan is back online and I'm no longer upset. However, I'll have to watch it closely and if this unreliability issue is not settled, I will switch it off and enable Blogger's native comment support.

I watched another excellent movie a few days ago, the superb Lost in Translation. I bought that DVD months ago and only just watched it. I'm sure I'll find more movies that I've bought but haven't watched as I'm doing my inventory. Sometimes I buy 3-4 DVDs and apparently sometimes I forget to watch some of them. So far, I haven't accidentally bought duplicates yet.

I'm going to watch Lost in Translation and Before Sunset again and maybe then, I'll write more about it. Plus, this weekend I need to go look for Before Sunrise.

Ok, then. I must get back to work now. Two down, one to go.

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