Friday, May 13, 2005


On a break from work. Quite the relief. Spent most of yesterday asleep and going out. I went to that new music store yesterday. Unfortunately, once again they can't fix acoustic guitar frets. I think I may actually have to replace them myself. I'm quite disappointed.

I downloaded more music yesterday. Better than Ezra's Greatest Hits and Bowling for Soup's A Hangover You Don't Deserve. I'm going to download that new U2 album now.

I have to work this Sunday. I don't like working on Sundays. But since it's day work, it's not too bad.

On the personal side of things, not much else is going on. Later, I'm going to spend more tme looking for a place to replace my goddamn guitar frets. There has to be someone in this dinghy town that can do it. There has to be.

And Revenge of the Sith is playing next week !! Haha !!

And in yet even more personal wonderings, it's actually nice to be totally angst free. For now anyway. I'm going to keep a close eye on this. If I can keep turmoil away from me for a whole quarter, then that will be a new record. Unprecedented. Unheard of.

Unfortunely, that would also mean a degradation in this blogs dramatic quality. I'll be writing a lot about movies and music I supposed.

Rin wants to learn how to play guitar, but last night as we were talking about it she was whining about the pain, the big chicken. So, today if she calls I'm going to get her something with nylon strings.

That would be unprecedented too. I've never taught a girl how to play before. Yes, I think our sessions would make good blog posts eh ?

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