Friday, May 20, 2005

At a Cyber Cafe Again

I am at a cybercafe. My God, the terminals here are in bad condition. The space bar on the keyboard is making an unsettling clacking noise when I tap it and the top half of the monitor is out of sync with the bottom. This monitor will die soon.

Now, why am I in a cybercafe instead of being at home. That's because she called me during lunchtime telling me that her car is low on gas and she needs a ride to school. So, here I am waiting for her to finish in about half an hour.

It's actually quite nostalgic here. I haven't been to a cybercafe in a long time. I spent a big portion of my life in a cybercafe. Heck, I used to work in one.

I've been thinking about things that I want to do with my PC. Perfomance wise it's fine but I think I need a new casing. No, let me rephrase that, I WANT a new casing. I don't really need it. I also thinking about that USB hard drive case that my friend has. It's a box like thing about the size of a CD-ROM drive with a USB cable attached that will take a regular IDE hard drive and make it essentially portable. With this thing, I could have a portable 200Gb hard disk to carry around.

I salivate as I wait the release of Need For Speed : Most Wanted. I loved Need For Speed Underground 2 and I expect no less from the sequel. This new game will have the poe-leese in it, so that should make for some interesting pursuits and wild driving. I've also read somewhere that this game will have supercars like Feraris and Lambos and exotic imports alongside your regular street rides. That would be great. Imagine smoking a Porsche with your Supra.

The graphics of this new game will be mindblowing for sure. I'm also looking forward to the soundtrack.

Racing games are fun. I wish that one day, a PC version of Gran Turismo would become available. That would rock and would keep me busy for at least two months.

Ok then. Time to pick someone up from school.

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