Friday, February 01, 2008

Not Connected

*Haven written in a while and quite a few things to write about, so this post will be rather long.

The internet connection at my house is quite patchy over the last few days. Sometimes, the line would drop and other times it would get very slow for some reason.

On Tuesday I wanted to blog about the sheer idiocy in attempting to plagiarise something off the net and to claim it as your own. It happened again recently. In fact, this has happened once to a friend of mine. I wrote about it years ago. I'd link it if only I could find the post...

Anyway, it beggars belief how some people think they can get away with it. Sure, the internet is big. But not that big. Eventually people will find out.

What I want to know is why does one need to plagiarise blog posts for God's sake? Is it SO hard to go and write? I do get that maybe some people find it hard to write what they are thinking. When I started, it was hard for me too. These days it's not that hard at all. The only hard part these days is finding stuff to write about it.

I had wanted to write and post this on Tuesday but my internet connection went on the fritz. The next day it was ok but it was really erratic. So no mail, no facebook, no YouTube, nothing.

Not that I had much time to do all of that anyway even if I had a good connection.

I was off work but I had to do some other work involving people's PCs. Lately I've been thinking that it might be good if I were to do that computer service thing properly. As some kind of side income. I do enjoy it after all and it'll will give me an excuse to look over all the new tech stuff coming out. Ever since I started working here at my current job I've been kind of behind the times tech wise.

So, I went to help this friend of mine with some computers that they have in the house. It was quite satisfying to bring back dead PCs to life. It was even more satisfying to introduce internet usage and culture to my noob friends. They had just gotten Streamyx and so far the only thing they know how to do is download warez...

Well after giving them a tour of my favourite websites and a crash course in search engine use, they now know that the net isn't just for warez. Or porn...

The really good thing was these guys seem really into the whole www internet pop culture thingy that I keep talking about. As anyone knows, an eager student is a good student.

The next evening, I had to go to another house to check out another PC. This one has a crashing IE7 problem which I will attempt to remedy on Monday evening. Oh yes, that evening I also need to set up a new 80Gb hard disk in another PC...

Yeah, I think I would like to do this semi-professionally now. The extra bit of cash will be handy. So, you got PC problems? Need advice? Want to buy computer but are intimidated by the bewildering array of choices available?

I can help out.

In other news, I was at a kopitiam with my cousin\insurance guy when he suddenly offered to set up with some women he knows. Usually I say no to this kind of thing but somehow that evening I was quite intrigued by it. So yeah, I told him go ahead and do it. I don't mind.

It'd be nice to meet new people. If I can meet new people with someone else doing my approach work for me, all the better. I just hope I don't disappoint them when we do meet, whenever that is. My insurance guy is a rather busy guy so I'm not holding my breath to be honest.

This coming week is Chinese New Year so that means I'll be in the office as everyone else is on vacation. As usual.

Here's wishing everyone a nice holiday and a nice trip back home (if applicable).

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