Thursday, February 21, 2008

Chap Goh Meh

... and as usual I'm covering for people again.

Internet connection still not very good at the moment. Line still not very stable. Can surf the net but downloading and posting things still a hit & miss affair.

I already know what's wrong. Something to do with the phone line. Already made a report. No follow up yet. I somehow have a feeling this will drag on for awhile.

Was off work the last few days. Very restful and very busy at the same time. Went out a lot. I need a longer break.

I do have one good story to tell. Something about that phone number that was left in my comment box a few posts ago. But the story isn't very long at the moment so nothing much to tell currently.

I watched Hot Fuzz yesterday. Nice movie. The plot was quite unexpected.

I didn't get much sleep before coming to work today so I'm kinda tired at the moment. Therefore, not much to tell in today's post..

Maybe later?

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