Sunday, February 03, 2008


Did you know that it is possible to build a fake Mac using IBM compatible PC parts and run Mac OS X on it?

I didn't know either. Until now. Intriguing....

And here I thought I'd run out of ideas for PC projects... Will I do this? If I got extra cash, why not?

To be completely honest, I don't understand why Apple won't release OS X "in the wild", so to speak. I'm pretty sure that they would rake in the money if they do this. At the moment OS X only runs on Mac hardware (officially at least) and from what I know, the only thing that prevents OS X from running on "wild" hardware is something in the code... (of course I'm not sure about this so I could be wrong).

By the way Lifehacker is a good website for tech stuff. Very cool.

Talking about cool, I think the Sony Rolly is very cool too. I mean, it dances. How cool is that? Watch this video and this video. Here's the advert. Cool eh?

In other news, my connection issue at home is bad enough that I had to call Streamyx this morning. They've reset my port twice already. The line quality is still not very good with lots of timeouts but at least I don't get randomly disconnected anymore. They haven't called back to close my ticket so I think they are still looking into it. I hope.

I get off work tomorrow and I have some extra work to do. I also have a birthday party to attend in the evening. I hope to be able to squeeze enough time to finally visit MPH at the Spring.

Also, I feel the need to change blog templates again...

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