Thursday, February 28, 2008

White Coffee

Zack and I went to the Ipoh Town Kopitiam on Tuesday night and I wondered if there was a Kuching Town Kopitiam in Ipoh...

It'd be nice if there was such a thing.

All kidding aside, Ipoh Town Kopitiam was quite good. That white coffee thing was a lot stronger than I expected. It actually gave a me a headache.

I'm coming back here soon. We left Zack's house very late and only spent something like 20 minutes there before it closed. Hardly enough time to soak up the atmosphere.

That was only enough time to eat half boiled eggs on toast, which was very good by the way. It was a little salty but I overdid the kicap so that was my fault actually.

My first impression was quite good. The staff was quite nice even though I could see that they all wanted to go home at the time. It was 10 o'clock and yet more customers arrived...

Still they were very nice about it and patiently waited for everyone to leave.

I think I'll hang out here next week on Monday evening.

I took some more pictures and you can see them here.

In other news, I'm once again feeling a little dry when it comes to blogging. Nothing new is coming up. Apart from some routine stuff. I bought a card reader yesterday evening to replace my other one which I lost.

It cost 30 bucks which I thought was quite high at the time but the nice thing about this reader is that it can read M2 and MicroSD cards without needing any adapters. Very useful indeed. And fast. Unlike my previous card reader, this new one doesn't display all the slots in My Computer until you plug in your memory card. Very convenient.

Apart from that? I've done nothing useful or interesting. Except maybe help Zack with his Streamyx set up. And buy a button cell battery for a friend whose PC can't remember what time it was anymore.

All this working at night is getting to me. I'm not sure if I want to keep doing this. I would love to work 9-5 again if I can.

Know anyone needing an experienced tech support technician?

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