Saturday, January 26, 2008

Still Too Busy

The title says it all.

Yesterday, I was off from work and today I'm back at work again. Had only one day off. Very tired. We've had a grueling few days here and everyone's on edge. Sadly, there will be extra work until the end of February when we will finally get our replacement.

Still can't think of anything worth writing about but the urge to post is there. So what does one talk about when there's nothing to talk about?

Well... The weather is very hot today. Extremely hot. The planet is getting hotter, that's a fact. Just now I was outside and suddenly a memory from a long, long time ago appeared in my head. I was 5 years old and still living in our old house. I remember very clearly frolicking outside with various animals in our yard.

It wasn't this hot at 10.00am 30 years ago.

Maybe I should do my part and get a car that doesn't fail emissions tests? Unfortunately, this won't make much sense from the financial point of view. I can only buy a new car four years from now. Which is a damn shame because there are at least two new cars that I really fancy and can actually afford, provided I get rid of mine now. Which is a lot easier said then done.

In the same wanting-to-buy-stuff-but-can't vein, I really want my own notebook. Unfortunately, I can't justify buying it at the moment. I've thought long and hard and can't come up with a good reason for getting one other than the peer pressure. Nearly everyone I know has either got one or in the process of getting one. In fact, a colleague received his notebook a few days ago.


Anyway, I'm definitely getting one this year. I just need to square away a few things first. Maybe I'll get one as a reward for all this extra work I've been doing.

So far 2008 has been a busy year. Which is a lot better than many previous years up to this point.

I haven't written about women and relationships in a long, long, long time eh? Don't know why. I want to and in fact I have many things to discuss. I get a lot of self-help dating tips in my mail and many of those tips will make really good things to discuss.

I think the fact that I'm not really into anyone right now may have something to do with my not posting about it. My current situation is rather boring. I have this urge to go and meet new people again despite my better judgment.

Why I'm not doing anything about it is another blog post all by itself.

One last thing, the other day I was managing my haloscan account when I noticed many comments offering help from people who claim to know me or claim to be my friend. While I'm touched by the gesture, I do wish these people would either identify themselves or just mail me.

I remember one particular comment offering to introduce someone to me. This is great except that I found that comment buried in an old post months after it was posted...

Wouldn't it be nice if I knew who it was who posted that. I would like to have responded timely to that offer.

So some ID would help. Or if you would like to keep yourself secret, just mail me. My email is available in my blogger profile.

Ok then, I must go now. Must figure out what to do for lunch because the ATM machine is down and I only have 4 bucks...

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