Saturday, February 16, 2008

FML and Other Stuff

Over the course of these years of internet surfing, I inevitably sign up for all kinds of things. Blogging sites, email, free web hosting, forums etc. Most of the time, I end up not using those things. Occasionally, I sign up on to some stuff so that I can stalk other people. Livejournal for example.

And Multiply. I signed up for Multiply some time ago but never thought about really using it until a few days ago. It's actually quite convenient. I like the way it provides space and easy means to put up stuff like pictures, videos, MP3s, blogs, links and so on.

So my Multiply site is up and active. This blog will remain my primary location for... well, blogging but for everything else I'll probably use Multiply. It's quite fun. Try it.

In other news, I'm dying to know how much Football Manager Live will cost per month. If it costs less than 50 bucks, I'm in.

The people in charge have said that the subscription will cost the same as "a few pints" a month. So my England dwelling viewers, how much would that be in real money?

Anyway, I've been reading up on FML and I love the idea of building and running your own football team alongside 1,000 other managers. Yeah, according to what I've read each "world" will be limited to 1,000 teams. I think it's just nice. To juiciest part of all must be the players. FML will use the legendary Football Manager player database which includes tens of thousands of REAL WORLD players!

Yes, you can sign Christiano Ronaldo. And any other big player you can think off. Provided these haven't been signed by the other 999 managers...

I'm actually already thinking about my FML team already! The game allows you to customize damn near everything about your team's setup (except starting finances which will be the same as everyone). Team name, nick name, strip, stadium name and of course your roster.

I would like my team to wear green\white hoops ala Glasgow Celtic. Or blue\white hoops like QPR. It's because it's different see? I think most people would go for red\white, all red or blue. Yeah, lots of Chelsea\Liverpool\MU fans about.

So what about the name eh? For your prospective Kuching-based players there will be tons of choices I would think. KFC (Kuching FC)? AC BDC? Heng Guan United? AFC Kuching Utara? South Kuching Wanderers? Atletico Potato? PJ Athletic? Persatuan Olahraga dan Bola Sepak Matang Hilir?

So many cool choices!

I can't wait.

Oh by the way, FM 2008 ver8.02 patch is out.

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