Sunday, February 10, 2008


elitist (noun)

A person who thinks they are better than everyone else.

Contrary to their own feelings, elitists are arrogant pricks who place themselves higher than others without any actual evidence of their so-called higher standing. Elitists also come in many different shades and colors, from the bombastic college student to the obsessive gym rat to the many types of snobbish, high brow "connoisseur". Usually when one is confronted with a confirmed elitist, the first thing that anyone feels for them is utter repulsion at the fact that this animal scum believe themselves to be in any way above their fellow primates.

Elitist behaviour can be evidenced by the barely concealed disdain the elitist feels about their inferiors. This disdain is often (poorly) disguised as "observations" or "honest opinions". The elitist is usually hypercritical and will react angrily when challenged, particularly when challenged by someone whom the elitist deems as "inferior".

- Adapted from Urban Dictionary

I read something something yesterday that prompted me to think of the above term.

Sometimes, I feel sorry for people like this. Perhaps they don't realize it. In at least one case familiar to me, it runs in the family.

The elitist scum may be able to fool some people with their aura of faux class and they seemingly "intelligent" critique of the inferiors surrounding them but in the end they usually manage to alienate everyone and end up as their final reincarnation.

That of the friendless bitch.

Kacang lupakan kulit, he saying goes. Remember that people.

So if you do in fact think you are better than your present company, please rethink that. In all likelihood, it's the other way around. A "superior" person brings up all those around them, not put them down.

I'm off work for the next few days.

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