Friday, February 08, 2008

Guess What?

This blog celebrated its 4th anniversary. In January. Once again, I completely forgot about it.

I was reading some old posts and how things have changed since this confused attempt at a blog post. The thing about blog posts is apart from the topic being blogged about at the time, they also carry the memory of what things were like when those posts were written. Things like what I was feeling and what was happening at the time.

I read old posts and comments and I remember more than just the posts.

Every now and then I browse through my own archives and these days I'm struck at how different things were only 4 short years ago. The person who started this blog and the person writing this post now? Totally different guy. Is that what's called growing up?

You know, I may be 35 this year but never once have I ever considered myself an "adult" in the conventional way. Perhaps I am what is called a man-child? Perhaps. Maybe I'll never truly "grow up" in the traditional way, as in becoming your regular responsible, mature, family man type of person.

Imagine me with my own family. That's a funny picture really. I can barely take care of myself let alone someone else.

Anyway, I may have digressed a bit here.

Regardless of any sentiments I may have about growing older, it's been four years since I've started blogging and it's a good thing that should be celebrated. God knows how much worse off I would have been had I not been blogging.

So here's to many more years of blogging and many more years of discovery and change.

Oh yes one more thing, a long long time ago I wondered about what makes a man attractive to women and how people like swaggery ex-colleague can make women swoon in their presence despite acting like a complete ass. You know, the X factor, the "thing".

No, it's not that women like jerks and people who mistreat them. Not really anyway. It's something else.

A few months ago, I was hanging out doing nothing when suddenly it occurred to me what it was. I think I know now. Some guys are born with it. Some other guys eventually learn it.

And some guys just don't have it, unfortunately.

Unfortunately, I can't really explain what it is that I see. Maybe one day I will be able to write it down.

Anyway, happy birthday blog. You have served me well and may I continue blogging ever more. I would also like to thank all those friends and strangers who take the time to read and leave comments. Your presence honours me.

PS. I found this great Jerry Kamit song recently. It's awesome.

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