Monday, November 07, 2005

Tis a Funny Ole Game

I'm back.

I've been a little busy. Also, I had some trouble logging on to Blogger last week.

It was an ok week. Hari Raya came and went. It was good. I went to friends' houses as usual. I had to work on the first day of Raya, but that was ok too. Could use the extra money.

A swift glance at the calendar and what do we have here? It's November already. 2005 is almost gone. Some days it feels like it hasn't even started for me, strange as it may seem.

Strange. That would be a good word to describe my year. So far, it's full of revelations and epiphanies. It's all about changes in priorities and what I want for myself. One more month, let's see what the year end brings.

It's quite refeshing. A lot of times, I sit here at my Blogger console chock full of negativity. I haven't felt any real negativity in what it seems, months. Probably less, if I could be bothered to check the contents of my blog. Much less, probably.

And old blog posts. Some of them feel like they were written a whole lifetime ago by someone else. Changes are like that aren't they. Sometimes, we go years and years being the same people, then suddenly within weeks, things change.

Not much else to tell here. Been playing Football Manager 2006. It's a lot harder than the older versions of the game. My AS Roma isn't doing too well now, and last I checked, there's a real chance I could lose my "job" as manager.

Football, tis a funny ole game. And football management is a funny ole game too. It can be so exasperating sometimes, so frustating and annoying when you're not doing well. And yet I can't stop. I mean, people play games to relax, not piss themselves off. But I can't stop playing FM....

Crazy huh?

Work now. More later.

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