Monday, October 31, 2005

Good Weekend

I'm posting through email today. I'm having a technical problem with the Internet access at the office. I hope this works.

I'm still on my game kick. I just completed downloading Call of Duty 2. The expression "unbelievable" doesn't quite do it justice. The pace of the game, the chaos, the noise, the smoke, the bullets whizzing overhead like angry bees, I'd say this is so far the best and most immersive depiction of combat ever done in a computer game.

The graphics are awesome, even on low quality. It's simply gorgeous.

So far, I've done all the Russian missions covering Moscow and Stalingrad. I've also done the Desert Rats one, which is a nice change of locale. It's set in Libya and Tunisia against Rommel's Afrika Corps. Nice tank battles here.

Currently, I'm halfway through the American missions (featuring the cliffs of Pointe du Hoc) and last night, I stopped playing during the last British mission at Caen.

I had a pretty good weekend. On Saturday night, I went to an engagement dinner. It was quite pleasant, if a rather formal affair. Even more significant than that is my reaction which was...... nothing at all. I'm not at all bothered by it.

I used to have the greatest trouble with going to weddings and engagements and any other type of event where people get couply, but I think I'm over that completely now. Finally....

I guess the peace has been made and I'm ok with where I am, relationship-wise. I'm not in one and frankly, it no longer matters if I am in one. I feels good like that.

Immediately after that, I went to watch The Exorcism of Emily Rose. There were 11 of us in one group. It's always so much fun to be in a group that big when watching movies. That's equal to 2 rows of seats on one side.

The movie itself was great. I enjoyed it so much. I was quite surprised to find that it's more of a courtroom drama rather than pure horror. I suppose some of us got disappointed by it, due to the movie's very misleading trailer. Something should be done about the trailer. The trailers we watched didn't emphasise the trial at all, which is misleading because the movie was about a trial.

Lucky for me, I actually like good courtroom dramas and this was a good one.

After that, we went to while away the hours at our favourite 24 hour food court and talked about movies among other things. One that we talked about the movie Poltergiest and how it was one of the most frightening movies we ever saw because of the fact that it involved children. There's something about demonic kids that freak me out.

I suppose it's the duality of it. One side, we have the pure and innocent child. The other side we have the demon.

And talking about freaky, listen to Poltergiest's main theme, especially the end.....

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