Friday, November 11, 2005

This Post Is About Nothing In Particular...Again

I've decided not to have a so-called footie blog. Who am I kidding? I barely have time to maintain the one blog that I have. Biting off more than I can chew sounds about right.

Blogger's spellcheck function apparently doesn't recognize the words "blog" and "blogging". I find this extremely funny.

I'm feeling very content. Whatever problems I used to have, I think I got them all licked for now. I was about to say it's a strange place to be in, then I remembered I've said it before and it shouldn't be like that. No one should have to feel that it's wrong to feel contented.

I've heard some people say that people who are content are being stagnant. I say that's a whole load of horse hooey. Isn't it better to want to strive and work out of love and our own free will instead of out of people's expectations?

I'm also finding rather peaceful to take a long break away from the internet and blogging. The net's a great place and blogging is great. Stupid, petty arguments and blog politics aren't so great.

But really, one of those things that you learn from the net is how blind, stupid, self centred and close minded some people are. It's a real eye opener sometimes.

It's also unfortunate. I feel sorry for some of these people. For some others, not so sorry.

I'm going to look at the brighter side of things and laugh the next time I read something that doesn't make sense.

A friend of mine posted an LJ icon recently. On it were the words,"I reject your reality and substitute my own!".

I find this very funny.

On the other hand, it's tragic when people allow idealism to cloud reality. Trust me when I say naive idealism does more harm than good, no matter how politically correct it sounds like.

And it's because reality isn't ideal.

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