Sunday, November 27, 2005

What I've Been up to This Week

Some sad announcements. Pat Morita is dead. George Best is also dead. Long live both of them.

Been away from the net. Very busy. Playing computer games....

Last week, I finally got around to trimming and culling my blogroll. It was long overdue. Also overdue is my link list updating. I don't know when I'll feel like doing it.

We have a new toy in the house. Yesterday, my parents and I pooled money to buy a parabolic dish. So now, we have another satellite decoder. Currently it has three satellites programmed into it, one Chinese sat (AsiaSat?) and two Indonesian ones (Palapa C2 and the other one I forget the name). I think I'll need to go around and look for more info on more satellites to scan with the dish.

Also, we need to get a taller ladder because the dish is on the roof and needs to be manually adjusted when switching satellites.

Anyone else interested in parabolic dishes? It's very cheap now, it can be had for a mere RM490. The one with the motorized dish will cost RM1000 plus though.

I also need help with satellite info. Does anyone have any info or links to websites with the info? Please leave a comment. Thank you.

Like I was saying, I've been playing games.

I had a good week in Football Manager 2006 with AS Roma. We won the Scudetto (Italian Serie A league title). I also won the European Champions League, beat Bayern Munich on penalties. In the summer as Italy manager, I won Euro 2008 by beating Croatia, also on penalties. The new season started, and I won the both the European Supercup and the Italian Super Cup.

On top of the league now with 12 matches played. Am on a 31 match unbeaten streak in the Serie A. However, I'm taking a break from football because Need for Speed Most Wanted is getting really interesting.

I'm more than halfway through the game now. It's awesome! I have a yellow Lamborghini Gallardo now. I decided not add to or modify the car's appearance. Somehow, it feels wrong to put things like stickers or those humonguos carbon fibre "ah beng" spoilers on a Lambo....

And bloody hell, the Gallardo is fast! It goes 0-100km/h in less than 5 seconds and I've clocked speeds of 300+km/h on that thing. If I had a Gallardo in real life, I wouldn't know how to drive it without special training.

The Gallardo is my favourite car right now.

I also kept all my old cars and the cars I won from rival drivers. Currently, I have a Mitsubishi Eclipse, a Merc SL500 (nice!!), a 'Vette C6, a purple Mustang (classic!) and my good ol' Fiat Punto.

And the thing about the Fiat Punto, when it comes to running away from cops, the Punto is my most "notorious" car. That car is so much fun to drive, especially now with stage 2 turbocharging and with upgraded transmission and brakes.

And how rich must a person be to actually own something like a Gallardo? I think it'll cost about 2 million ringgit.... And lets not talk about fuel consumption shall we? At least in Need for Speed, I don't need to buy gas.....

Apart from all the gaming, I've been out with friends as usual. And as usual, the conversation's been great. Like on Friday night when we discussed world changing topics like how chick peas resemble a horse's ass and the merits of different shoelace tying methods.

Yes, we indulge in some vital, serious discussions.....

But seriously, I had a good break from work. And look at the date, the end of the year is coming already.

And with that, I've made an observation.

...No year end blues this year.....

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