Friday, November 18, 2005

Calmly Calmly Now

I watched the new Harry Potter movie the other night and I must say out of all the Potter movies so far, I like this one the most. It's also the longest one, weighing in at 2 hours plus.

One probable reason is that the earlier ones were a little "young" for me. It's hard to explain.

Just came back from the office after one of the longest meetings I've ever had. I went off and bought chicken after that.

I must be getting old. Once upon a time long long ago, I would be able to polish off one entire bbq chicken in one sitting. I did this regularly too. Just now, I couldn't even handle half.

I made a new musical discovery thanks to Rin, Jump Little Children. Very very good.

As you all can tell, one side effect of being calm and tranquile is the lack of drama and therefore the lack of blog fodder. Not much is happening with me nowadays. Touch wood, I'm not asking for any angst inducing incidences or anything like that, no sirree.

I like my calm.

On the football management game front, my new Roma game is going very well. First season, qualified for Champions league by finishing 3rd and beat Hamburg SV to win the UEFA cup. December into the second year, I'm sitting pretty at the top of Serie A, one point ahead of Juventus. The tactical problems that plagued my previous attempts have been solved. One of my strikers somehow managed to score 44 goals in 42 appearances!!

I also managed to get the Italy national team job again.

Good times, good times.

PS. Anyone know any interesting rock/punk/alternative stuff to listen to nowadays?

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