Thursday, November 10, 2005

A Footie Blog?

Movie night tonight. We're going to watch the second Zorro. The actual title eludes me at the moment.

I've had a great week at work. In fact, I've had a great week in general. There's two new guys at the office, totally inexperienced. And yet, far from being annoyed like I thought I was going to get, I feel great pride in showing the two guys the ropes.

I thought my job was pretty simple. For these guys, apparently not. So I am the "master" and these are the apprentices. Feels good actually.

Master, haha. That's a word I never ever associate myself with.

And talking about being master, I have an idea. I am, as everyone knows, playing Football Manager 2006. I was thinking how about blogging it. I could create a separate blog for the manager I am playing. There are stories I could tell.

Like in my current game. AS Roma. Italian Serie A. First season was a great success. UEFA Cup champions. Second place in the Serie A.

Second season, not so good. After losing very narrowly to Inter Milan, the Roma board sacked me. I have played the FM series since the mid-90s and I have NEVER been sacked.

I thought about quitting and starting a new game, but two weeks after losing the Roma job, Nevio Scala quit Parma. Guess who the Parma board wanted to replace Scala with?

That season is gone. We finished sixth. I lost to Genoa in the Serie B playoffs in June. (Parma got relegated the previous season). Money was tight and morale was low.

This season? Leading the Serie B four points ahead of Genoa with promotion to Serie A an absolute certainty. It is now December 2007. 22 games played. Lost 2, drew 3, won the rest.

I'd write more but I need to go to the movies now.

See ya.

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