Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Sdhider and a Comment About Cops

I'm going to help all those people who've been searching for sdhider. In my hit counter, "sdhider" is the most common keyword over the last few days.

Also, just to inform anyone who is looking for it, there is NO crack for NSF: Most Wanted at present.

Last time I check, sdhider.rar can be found here. If the link dies one of these days, sdhider can probably be found either as a torrent download or on any p2p network.

Please also remember to follow sdhider instructions EXACTLY, or your game WILL NOT run. Do the following:-

- Mount disc 1 and wait for it to autorun.
- Launch sdhider and click Hide.
- Quit Daemon, or any other image mounting software that was used. Be sure to leave all emulation options on when you exit.
- Click play on the Most Wanted autorun menu. The game should run. If it doesn't unmount everything and start from the beginning.
- Once you finish playing, please click Restore on the sdhider menu after exiting Most Wanted.

Sdhider is also useful for other games that use Securom copy protection, like Quake 4.

While I'm at it, get Daemon Tools. It's very useful. Please get familiar with it.

Here ends the public service announcement.

In other news, I'm tired. It's been a tough coupla days at work.

I had originally planned to write about a very hot current issue, the police video thing with the strip search and the ketuk ketampi footage.

I'm not going to write in depth about that. Thousands of bloggers are doing it and I'm too busy to be doing parrot impressions.

While I know that there are nice, friendly, good police personnel out there, my feelings about the cops in general are quite well known to people who know me.

My feelings haven't changed. First, the IGP doesn't say anything (although he could've said something yesterday, I haven't checked the news yet). Then, the Deputy IGP quite blatantly tells the whole country that the police will investigate and GO AFTER THE WHISTLEBLOWER.

The cops are nothing but a bunch of thugs, no different from those triads that they are supposed to be combatting.

I don't trust cops in general. No offense to individuals who are policemen of course. I do know a few personally. These ones I trust.

There are a few more things I want to say about cops, including one or two suggestions that might help raise the quality of individuals who choose police work as a career.

I have a feeling that cops are generally corrupted morons (especially beat cops and low rank desk flunkies) because people who become cops usually do so because they can't find any other work. I personally feel that training standards are too low and have too little emphasis on attitude adjustment. That's why so many moron beat cops have such an addiction to the power trip they get when they harrass innocent people.

And no, this is not a generalisation or a stereotype a sweeping statement. It's happened. To me and people I know.

But more on this some other time. Or when I feel like it anyway.

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