Monday, April 03, 2006


I'm away from work and I've been up all night watching Robotech episodes I downloaded last week.

It's great since there are episodes I haven't watched before.

The Robotech Shadow Chronicles trailer looks awesome. I also think Robotech would make a nice live action movie or TV series. Not necessarily based on the anime, but set in the Robotech universe.

Speaking of live action, The Transformers live action feature is still on. That's a relief. It's been quiet on the news front. Apparently, it might get updated to 21st century standard but at least it's still Generation 1. I hope Soundwave doesn't get turned into an i-Pod. That would be stupid.

I think the Battletech universe would make great fodder for TV and film. A CGI MechWarrior film would be so awesome.

Especially if Joss Whedon and his team writes and directs. Mutant Enemy and BattleTech, looks like a good combination. It probably can't happen though...

That's all for today. Apart from watching videos, I have no plans for the week. Oh yes, and I'm going to start downloading Angel. I can't seem to find any Angel DVDs in town.

Oh yes, with regard to the Transformers movie, it's confirmed:-

Megatron and Prime will be voiced by their original voices!! Yay!!!

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