Sunday, April 09, 2006

Another Run of The Mill Journal Entry

Over the last few days there have been things I had wanted to write about.

But I've been very busy. And I have been feeling kind of under the weather, moodwise. I've learnt NOT to try to write posts while feeling depressed. Especially complex introspective posts. The low moods are temporary. Unfortunately, the posts written during the low moods are permanent. They reflect badly on me.

I don't need to worsen my reputation.

Yes, I still have them. I still feel depressed once in a while. It just comes and goes now. Nothing persistent. Not like before. I know what to do and what not to do to alleviate it. Still, I wish treatment was cheaper and even more than that, I wish people would take it more seriously.

It has come to my attention that some people I know think that I (and everyone else who claims to be depressed) should just stop being dramatic and "get over it" (tm). It's annoying enough to hear ignorant strangers dismiss it like it's some figment of a person's imagination. It's worse coming from people whom you know personally.

Get over it. A person who is depressed would like nothing better than to "get over it"(tm). Trust me on that. To wake up and NOT have to worry about feeling sad for no reason whatsoever? Bliss.

Sometimes I wish that some of these people's hormone levels would go haywire and cause them to feel worthless for no apparent reason. Or how about the tasty thought of suicide? Let's see how fast they can "get over it" (tm). I'll be standing right there with a big sign saying "Welcome To Hell. Enjoy the View."

I'm not in that place anymore and thank the heavens for that. It has cost me so much.

Today's post isn't going to be about anything important. Just felt like writing. Just another dear diary entry.

Anyway, it's not nice to wish ill will on people. After all it isn't fair. Those who have only been in the sunlight will never know what darkness looks like.

I've been reading and there's a number of posts about multi-level marketing, like this one from BrandMalaysia, one of my favourite blogs. This guy hates it even more and for good reason.

I'm not going to discuss the morals of MLMs or pyramid schemes or ponzi schemes nor the ethics of recruitment conducted by these organizations. There are lots of material to read over the net about that.

I would like to remark how easy it is to take advantage of people's greed. I should know. I do know about that now. Unfortunately, many others don't.

Regardless of what some silver tongued merchant may say, there is NO EASY WAY TO GET RICH. This very basic fact should be very clear isn't it? Apparently not.

One of my pet peeves with some MLM salespeople is how some of them talk as if you're making a huge mistake trying to make an honest living. How is working a honest job a mistake? Yes, I know it's a spin to attract attention. Spin or not, it's still irritating. I also don't like the way they tell you how "easy" it is when in fact, it's not. If it was, then how come not ALL members of MLM companies earn six figure wages and own expensive property? Not everyone can be a salesman. Not everyone has the charm.

Another thing I find very annoying is how they "lure" you to join one of their brain washing sessions talks. They call you up and invite you out on the pretext of some other thing and what happens? Sales pitch. I hate that.

Another thing, when it becomes clear that you're resisting them, sometimes they would ask some dumb question like "Don't you like money?" or "Don't you want to drive [insert exotic vehicle marque here] like so-and-so?". Stupid questions. No need to answer.

I'm not baselessly bashing MLMs. Some people do very well and I think that's great. I just don't like how ragingly insincere some of them are when they are trying to get you to join them.

So, children, despite what MLM people say, repeat after me. THERE IS NO EASY WAY TO GET RICH.

In other happenings, a friend of mine has a new blog that offers an interesting spin on the whole blogging thing. Please visit and support PhinMag. Really cool idea from one very good writer. Support her please.

Finally, wow look at the date. It's bloody April already. The second quarter of the year has begun. Shifts are changing and by the end of the month, I'll be free on weekends again. Gawai will be here soon. And my birthday.

It's been a pretty ok year so far. Not spectacular. Just ok. Which is nice.

I would like to end with the following remark. Recently, I found out that one of my old crushes is engaged. That bothered me more than I would've liked.

That's also very stupid.

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