Friday, March 31, 2006

Let's Have a Discussion!

Everyone knows PostSecret right? I like reading stuff there. But it only gets updated weekly. I do understand why, but it would be nice if it got updated more frequently. And nicer still is access to older entries.

Recently, I discovered Livejournal Secret. It's pretty good too. And it gets updated daily and older entries are accessible. I do have another thought about this though. I don't know, but having the site updated that frequently and having nearly all the secrets posted somehow "cheapens" it for me. I went through some of it and it somehow feels less profound that PostSecret.

I realize I'm contradicting myself here. There is no complaint here though, just mouthing off as usual. Both sites are good.

In other happenings, Gubra is opening in theatres next week! I'm very excited. I've read some reviews and I can't wait to watch this. Yasmin is awesome. Unlike many movie makers in this country, Yasmin tells it like it is. Her films are realistic and relatable, like the old P. Ramlee movies. Political correctness is secondary to her.

I've been adding and removing links from the blogroll again. Some new blogs there. Check it out.

There is a very good entry in one of those blogs. The answer to the apparently age old question of the nice guy vs the bad guy. Or to be precise, what makes a so-called "bad" boy/girl more successful in getting women/men.

Sitting here in the office right now, it seems quite obvious you know? People, not just women, are attracted to confidence. It's just too bad that "jerks" and "bitches" have it in abundance and people like it enough to tolerate the other unfortunately negative traits that they have.

Everytime I read or hear something like this, I go,"Now why didn't I find this out any sooner?" Anyway, here is the question. Thinking rationally about this, it is very logical and obviously true. Confidence is extremely important. So how come so many people don't realise it?

Yes, I've written about this countless times before. But face it, relationship dynamics make fun posts don't they.

So, I hear someone ask, how does one develop a healthy (as opposed to inflated) confidence level and self esteem? Can it be developed? Or is it innate? I have no idea at all. This is one question that so far, I have not been able to answer adequately. (Or maybe someone already told me the answer and I just forgot/didn't notice it). Does anyone know for sure?

Knowing how would help so many people, I'm pretty sure of that.

Talking about questions, there is a bit in the post that I mentioned that goes something like this:-

Women are always testing the limits. Don’t ask us why. But that’s what we do sometimes. We know that it is wrong, or it might cross the line, but yet we try our luck. And when we DO get our way, we get that momentary triumph, but as time goes by, we begin to lose respect for the man who gives in to us ALL the time. We might not even notice it, but as the relationship moves along, we might start to realize that we are getting bolder and bolder in putting down the man.

For the record, I've seen this kind of "pushing the envelope" behaviour in BOTH men and women. What I want to know is why? Wouldn't life be A LOT easier if people didn't do any of this?

Anyone got any answers?

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