Thursday, April 27, 2006


This blog quietly celebrated its 2nd birthday. In January. It slipped passed me without me noticing it.

Well, what's the story so far?

Two years isn't a long time at all. But in two years of blogging, things happened and things change. Things that I used to be obsessed about, doesn't seem quite so important anymore. I had to let go of certain wants and wishes, thankfully, letting go is proving to be easier that I thought it would be.

The last two years have been good.

I'm in quite some pain at the moment. I feel better all the time, but my joints hurt and I'm feeling kind off exhausted. Also feeling slightly feverish.

This actually is a good sign. Whenever I get flu, the last leg is always the lethargic, kind of feverish, joints hurting kind of situation. At least no more runny nose and coughing. I hate that.

If I had to choose between having a fever and a runny nose, I pick fever. It's a lot less annoying and I can still do things.

Man, and the tiredness. Earlier this evening, I woke up, started up the PC, checked my mail and turned off the PC. This is not what I usually do. I was actually too tired to log in to WoW, which expires today by the way. My copy still hasn't arrived, so no more WoW until it does.

I'm very grateful that I get the next three days off. Tomorrow, I plan to sleep my head off and maybe wake up at 7.00pm. I should be a lot better by then and a lot less tired. By Saturday, I should be clear as a bell.

I better be anyway. Don't want to wreck my weekend by being sick.

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