Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Not Dead

I'm not dead. Just lazy to update. Or to be more precise, I don't really know what to write about. Nothing really important anyway.

My friends have been going through this big Gundam model kit assembly kick this pass week or so. Pretty good kits too, very good detail and quite challenging.

I used to assembly model kits too. Except not Gundam ones. I remember a Scopedog somewhere in my past. I also used to have a 1/72 Short Stirling bomber by Airfix. That one was a beauty. I had a whole bunch of WW2 aircraft and tanks one time.

That is the irony. When I was young and broke, there were several hobby shops in town selling kits, paints, accesories etc. Now I'm not broke and can actually afford to indulge, and no more hobby shops, as least not ones carrying military vehicles, which are my favourites. Most sell Gundam and mecha kits.

I'm actually thinking about buying one. Maybe a 1/100 scale Master Grade one. I like to assembly kits. It's fun. It'll be great to revisit an old hobby.

...if I can tear myself from World of Warcraft that is. Actually, can. I only play roughly two hours daily. This is to prevent me from getting too bored with it. My trial account expires this week and my game hasn't arrived yet. I'm very anxious.

Anyway, it's been great. My undead priest is coming along nicely and I've had some good interaction with other players. I've saved some lives with healing spells and buffs.

I also created a tauren warrior character so that I can wear cool stuff like plate armour and carry enormous two handed axes.

The game world is gorgeous. The hills and valleys, the fog, the coast, even the desert. It's great.

Anyway, I work tomorrow night so not much WoW for the next few days. Also, while at work, I'll probably think of more stuff to write.

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