Friday, April 07, 2006

Simming It

Sims 2 is crack. It's very bad. It is very detrimental to the state of my social life. It should be banned.

Yes, I'm playing that now. Happily, the build mode problem that used to afflict the game when it first came out is now fixed.

I'm very surprised that I'm only just starting playing the thing now. It's brilliant in a typical Maxis Games fashion. I'm trying very hard to remember why I didn't try it the first time around (aside from the build mode bug). Well, hard disk space for one. It's huge. And the hardware requirements are very, very steep.

The game looks awesome with the right hardware. Thankfully, I do have that.

And the best (worse?) thing about Sim games? Moddability. I'll be looking around for stuff now. The other good thing about Sim games are the stories. I've been playing for three days and already I have tales of exploding kitchens (with guests as witnesses), accidental adoption of child and unexpected lesbianism!

The University expansion is very cool. I might go out and get Open For Business next week, hard disk space permitting. Then my Sims universe will be complete. I also have Nightlife.

Thanks again for Rin for lending me the DVD, who got it from Velvetraven.

In other news, I've just come off one of the busiest nights of work I've ever had. Therefore, I'm pooped.

At least I'm not sad, so all good here. Being tired is a lot more tolerable than being sad.

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