Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday, Good

I have a slight hang over. I'm also at work. Not the best combination under any circumstances.

It was supposed to be just a visit. I was just supposed to say hi and what's up to the guys. Instead I find them starting a charcoal bonfire for a so-called Good Friday barbecue. And with these bunch of people, when there's meat, there's also booze. By the way, these guys are really good at grilling. Starting a barbecue looks straightforward, but it's really not. It's unbelievable difficult to start a fire on purpose, I've discovered.

So I got dragged in and ended up drinking with the boys until around midnight. It's just to bad I had to go to work today.

I woke up this morning and wanted to die. I willed myself to take a bath and put clothes on. Driving was ok, there was no traffic, since Good Friday is a public holiday in Sarawak.

I went to my usual breakfast place to have breakfast. I didn't. Instead I sat in the car with my can of Coke. Coke is supposed to help with hangovers since it has caffeine and sugar. It did.

Now I feel a lot better. A little sore, but better. I just hope I won't get inundated by an avalanche of phone calls, like yesterday. Yesterday was nuts.

I seem to be getting busier and busier these days.

No need to think about work tomorrow, I have the day off.

In other news, I watched Gubra. Since I'm still slightly loopy I'm not going to attempt a review. There is a list of reviews right here.

I loved it. It was wonderful. If you guys haven't watched it, please go and spend your money and watch it in a cinema. Yasmin deserves the money.

I go to do some work now.

EDIT at 8.07pm

I survived. In fact I did pretty well at work. And now, I'm going to sleep.

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