Saturday, March 18, 2006


Today is one of those days when, although I feel like starting a very serious post about very important issues and all that, I just can't.

On some days, I do enjoy writing a "serious" post (as opposed to the Dear Diary type of post). I find it quite the challenge. I think it's good mental exercise.

Some other days, it makes me sick. So much bad news nowadays. I wonder, of all the news articles and blog posts published daily across the world regardless of media type, how much of it is bad news? What's the percentage? I think the answer to this question would make an interesting discussion.

I don't know the answer, by the way. Probably more that 50%. I'm pretty sure.


There are new blogs in my roll. One is written by a teenaged Saudi girl. One of these days, I will try to break down all the bloggers on roll and separate them by country. Most of them are Malaysians, nearly all of them in fact. On second thought, it's probably not necessary to do a break down.

Hmm, I need to do something about that, my blog roll is not cosmopolitan enough.

Fans of military aviation are no doubt aware that the venerable F-14 Tomcat is in the process of being retired this year. I've written about this before I think. I found this post about the last Tomcat fly-in to Oceana NAS. I'm very sad. Granted, those cats are very, very old already, but in my opinion, they still kick ass.

As a kid, I found Tomcats very exciting. Even now, I love them still. I think Top Gun is cool because of the Tomcat, not because of Tom Cruise.

Fans of Macross/Robotech anime would appreciate the look of the Cat.

They will be replaced by the F/A-18E/F SuperHornets. Nice planes in their own right. I'm pleased that the RMAF has them in inventory. But still, not quite as "cool" as the Cat.

I suddenly want to write about the Kfir and Mirage III jet fighters, but this would make this post very long.

Next time. Maybe next post even.

In other news, I'm finding Empire At War to be a lot more difficult than anticipated. I'm actually getting my ass kicked playing the thing on "Easy". It'll be a while before I get used to it.

Imperial forces are quite powerful and the sight of Imperial Star Destroyers scare me quite a bit. I like that.

Ooh, I almost forgot. I was reading Wiki articles and it seems very likely that our family dog is a West Highland White Terrier. The temperament section of the article and the accompanying photo sounds and looks like him.

If he is really a Westie, that will make him the first purebreed animal we have ever owned. I wonder where my mom got him from...

Finally, I need to remember to apply for leave next Sunday. This Sunday, I'm working in the place of someone.

And my road tax and car insurance expires next week.

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