Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dog Stories

In my last post, I wrote about wanting to write about something else. This post, I will pick up where I left off before I got distracted.

The subject matter is much lighter.

Rin and I were talking one night and we talked about our pets, again. Ahh, pets, this topic comes up very often.

Anyway, I recalled an old story I read about a dog whose loyalty was such that when his master died, he lingered at the cemetery and continued to visit until he himself died nearly a decade later. It was very touching. Unfortunately, I just couldn't remember where I heard that story from.

Later on, it turns out that the story of the loyal terrier is actually quite famous. The dog was called Greyfriars Bobby. The story is very touching, especially because my own dog looks a little like Bobby.

Another good dog story is about Hachiko.

An especially dramatic story would be the tales of Balto and Togo, a pair of huskies who took part in the Great Race of Mercy serum run in Alaska in 1925. I think it'll make a good movie. Plus, huskies are awesome. I would love to own one.

I remember a few years back, I saw two husky pups on sale at a pet store in KL, male and female. They were awesome. Unfortunately, there was a sign that said the two must be bought as a pair and the pair cost a cool 10 grand. Not that I'm very surprised by that price. After all, huskies are awesome.

I love how they resemble wolves. Brilliant. I've always liked prick eared dogs more than the floppy eared varieties anyway.

But even if I had that kind of money, I wouldn't buy huskies even though I would like to. That's because they need lots of room and my surburban house doesn't have much of a compound. Which is too bad.

Talking about huskies, they're the one reason why I'd like to watch Eight Below. It'll probably be corny as hell being a Disney movie and all, but provided the dogs get a lot of screen time, I can tolerate that. I hope.

Haven't found the DVDs yet.

And finally, another good dog story.

I read that in 1997, a plaque commemorating fallen cosmonauts was unveiled at the Institute for Aviation and Space Medicine in Moscow. Among others, the plaque includes an image of Laika, the Sputnik 2 space dog.

The story of Laika is very sad. At least she is remembered.

I do like dogs quite a bit.

In other news, I recently watched Waiting. It was very good. And Vanessa Lengies is unbelievably hot! The real draw however comes in the shape of Ryan Reynolds and Anna Faris. I love these two, especially Reynolds. He's just insanely brilliant.

Another good one is Munich. Obviously, it's banned here due to its political incorrectness. I was watching it last night but it turned out to be longer than expected so I had to stop halfway because it was getting late and I needed wake up early.

I'll write more when I finish it.

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