Friday, March 03, 2006

Back From Break

I've been away. Last week, my colleague asked me,"where are you going for your break?"

Nowhere. That's right. I just stayed at home.

While not quite as exciting as traipsing about in a foreign country, I really did have a nice time away from the office. The real break comes from the fact that not only did I not have anything work related to do, I also stayed away from reading the news and blogrolling. I cut myself off from the rest of the world, you might say.

I started work this evening and I feel very rested. I really needed that 5 day break.

While on the subject of being isolated from news of current events, I bought fuel a few days back and I didn't realise that the fuel price had gone up by 18.5%. That was surprising, and yet not surprising at the same time.

Of course, this means things will get more expensive. Especially food. Which is not good since I eat out a lot. Thankfully, I drive a car with a smallish engine (1.3 litres) so it's still not so bad. I just need to watch my rpm more closely now. It's the average rpm and not your average speed that has a bigger effect on fuel usage. I drive a manual, so I can control the rpm. Which is nice.

And talking about my car, the new white BRM 15" wheels look really nice. I could've pick the dark grey one, but I think white goes better with red. I might post a picture. Next, I might also spray paint the brake drums and calipers. It helps prevent rusting. Haven't decided when to do this yet.

I'm going to get air faces too. Air faces are those plastic wind deflector things that you attach to the sides of your car windows, for those who don't know what it is.

Tinkering with car. That was how I spent my long break.

This blog is quite a good reflection of my life. It's kind of quiet and I only update a few times a week. Life's been like that too. Not much happening.

I must try harder and think of more things to write about.

The latest newish thing I did was to test the Hot Coffee mod in GTA: San Andreas. Old stuff but I haven't gone around to trying it until last night. It's...... interesting. I might go back to playing GTA again actually.

Look at that, it's March already. Perhaps things well be dramatically more interesting in March?

Actually, I don't think so.

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