Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A "Fun" Filled Day

I'm downloading Robotech!! All 85 episodes of it!!!! That's 14Gbs worth of video files. This is my biggest download yet. I've done 7 gbs so far, I should be done by early next week.

I was lounging about at Wisma Saberkas just now, waiting for a friend to show up so we can buy new stuff for his PC (monitor, graphics card etc) when I noticed Silent Hill 4. Now I'll find out just how frightening it really is.

Other than that, I've just had a fun filled day driving back and forth between the courthouse and the Traffic Police compound office. There's a slight problem with my road tax renewal.

Apparently, I was blacklisted.

I'm very surprised to find out that I have two outstanding summons. From 1999. All that time and I only find out now.

Anyway, one was a run of the mill speeding compound which I unsurprisingly don't remember about. The other one was a road tax thing which I do remember about. I had to go to court and everything. It was settled then without any compound, i.e it wasn't my fault.

The surprising thing was apparently the case status never got updated and even more surprising, when I went to get the case status just now, the case officially doesn't exist! It's not on record.

So after much head scratching from the Lower Court staff, I got a letter and that was that. Unfortunately, now it will take two days for JPJ (that's our DMV) computers to update. Which means that I can only renew the road tax on the the very day my current one expires.

Ahh, dealing with the law and the civil service. What fun.

Despite the hassle of driving back and forth (the two offices are on opposite sides of town), I can't complain about the service. The police desk jockeys and the staff at the courthouse didn't give me a hard time and didn't make me wait much.

I thought I'd mention that since most of the time, people write negative things about the civil service. This time, they did a good job. So, well done civil service.

It's been quite a long day and I'm tired. There's a more serious thing I want to write about, but I'll do that tomorrow.

I can hear The Cat meowing loudly outside my door...

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