Saturday, March 25, 2006


"Darkness imprisoning me
All that i see

Absolute horror

I cannot live

I cannot die

Trapped in myself

Body my holding cell"

- One - Metallica,...and Justice For All

Mortality. Difficult to comprehend. Especially our own.

I've been wondering this week. Is euthanasia legal in Malaysia? What part of the law governs such things?

I was reading last week when I encountered an article about Terry Schiavo. Remember her? Remember the controversy?

I'm not going to talk about what happened to her. I can't say what happened to her was morally right or not. It depends entirely on an individual's beliefs.

What really got me thinking was the tussle between her parents and her husband about who had the right to decide on her fate. Very sad. Very difficult.

I wonder, would it help if she had left a will of some kind, stating her desires if she was in a non-recoverable coma? What would she have wanted?

This got me thinking about what would I want if it was me.

And so, I would like to explicitly state here that IF I was ever in a persistent vegetative state for whatever reason, God forbid, and I had NO chance of recovery AND euthanasia is an option, I would rather be euthanised then be kept "alive".

I wish this because if I don't consider it "living" if I were on life support, had no awareness of my surroundings and had no chance of recovery.

Also, I believe that a human being has a soul. Therefore, it is possible that the soul is trapped in the body if the person is in a persistent vegetative state.

In that case, I would like very much for my soul to be released. Personally, I don't think this is morally incorrect.

This is my wish if anything like this ever happened to me. Hmm, maybe I should think about preparing a will stating this.

This is probably the most morbid thought I've had in a long time and most definitely the most morbid post I've ever written.

And on that note, have a nice weekend.

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